Denton United-Denton Crew/players thread!

All right guys…it was only fitting that we got to meet The Answer before he retired as a KOF player…

He said we have potential…

And we got ourselves on the map to some degree at TS6.

Now lets have a new beginning here and continue to get better!!!

The new beginning for Denton Texas…the DC-The Denton Crew!!!

Denton, Texas has skill believe it!!!

The DC is the next coming of the K-Force…

Denton,Texas…home of FFN!!!


Yeah he told us before he left that he was retiring…and that the K-Force is like done too…they are all like retiring…

So I see it as its our job to take over for them!!! The New Blood!!!

garou here i come
i just needa get on that toodles/ and socal level

Yeah man and it fucking sucks that you JUST FUCKING MISSED Him…I mean seriously…JUST MISSED HIM…

Woulda been great if folks played me AFTER I had a full nights sleep.

Man we went up to UH to get my stuff because I forgot it there like late at night.

After I played GREAT!!!(Streaks left and right) on Sunday in Tenka, NGBC, Neo Wave and hitting everything practically then we realized we needed to get some rest because then we knew we had to get back to Dallas because we both had work at like 3/4 oclock.

By the time we got home around 2, we said fuck it…we are gonna play some games!!!

New Denton Crew Rules-
#1-Enter all free tournies if you can!! (We need people playing different games as much as possible exposed to AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!) This helps the team!!!
#2-LEARN DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!!! I can’t stress this ENOUGH GUYS. Fucking inexposure to Basara and Ten Iroha got me in Tenka!!! So no more just sticking to the same characters all the time in casuals all the time…LEARN DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!!! It will help the team!!!

FFN 3s free tourney this Friday fellas!!!

FFN New tourney schedule:
-This Friday-3s tourney (I am entering)
-Next Friday-NGBC Tourney (I am entering)
-Third Friday-Tenka tourney (I am entering)
-Fourth Friday-NeoWave tourney (I am entering)
-Fifth Friday-Ninja Masters tourney (Ditto)
-Sixth Friday-KOF 2003 tourney(Ditto)
-Seventh Friday-MVC2(Ditto)
-Eighth Friday-Alpha 3 tourney (Ditto)

Now if you guys don’t want me to enter just say so…but its not like it really matters because its free…its just after TS6 I wanna get some more play in instead of just watching. We are Denton Crew members after all…we all must be in this together…because the truth is sitting by not taking much initiative and just seeing the same play and characters along with lack of sleep HURT ME at Shodown…

After all what good is it to say you are the best member if one of member intentionally did not enter?? (Me) Lets bite the dust guys and get better all together!! See where I’m going with this???

So I am playing…maybe by me playing hopefully everyone can all get on the same page…we all can get better together and help EACH OTHER OUT!!!

Matter of fact it HAS to get better…because by me playing hopefully it will rise the level of play to a whole different level!!!
(And if you guys beat me in tournies it will cause me to rise my play to a whole different level get it?? We will constantly find ways to get better getting the Denton Crew better as a whole!)

FFN results will always be posted!!!

I smell something brewing so I am going to say it now…and maybe think about making a thread about it depending-

Denton Crew vs. Team SNF!!! (3s, NGBC, Tenka, Alpha 3)

Why is this? Bc Denton is becoming known…it is soon to step out of Dallas’s shadow…matter of fact we are out of Dallas’s shadow…we are making our own!!!

I volunteer to not get slaughtered by Dallas.

And Basara = win. =D
I wish I could have gone to see people play. NEXT YEAR THOUGH. I definetly want to go next year. And some time in the near future I have to get a mod chip for my PS2 so I can actually play NGBC and Tenka at home.

i don’t think the majority of people who go to snf play ngbc, tenka, or a3 seriously or at all. Anyway, what you could do is enter the SF League (is it even going on anymore?). That way you can play $3 (who are the best guys in dallas anyway).

Uhh…so why are we having a Ninja Masters tourney again?

First infinite wins. =D

hahaha…we are having as many different tournies as possible…remember how playing other games and then coming back to 3s REALLY helped out our 3s game Tony???

Same thing here…I was playing 3s on NeoWave mode and have been ever since.

there should be a small tourny for team denton vs team dallas on 3s & tenka

Steps down I won’t be in any team v team shit. I’m too terrible. Maybe in the future.

games tomorrow? is eddy coming down

I get off of school around 6 or so. So if there are any games tomorrow, I’ll probably show up around 7.

Sure we can have some games tomorrow…hey why not…a NGBC free round robin tomorrow what do you guys say tomorrow???

I need your input guys…how does this sound-every now and then to encourage people to play different characters we hold a “RANDOM______ touRNEY”

By that I mean say we hold a Random 3s tourney…that means EVERYONE PICKS RANDOM THE WHOLE TOURNEY…

This encourages people to get outside their little box and learn some characters!!!

haha looks like you guys got good shit going on lukus…
yeah at last SNF i got my first exposure to TENKA

man i like that game already but i dont have a copy… im gonna try and get a burn or something… yeah FUCK THAT ANDREW JACKSON david… that shit was cheating retarded… no one should have a gun in that game… lol

but yeah man as soon as i get a car i will definetly have to go out to your place on fridays man… and man my alpha was rusty… we got some alpha going on at snf for a bit… i still got a couple good visms but man my counters and pokes are weak… to much third strike.

but yeah i dont think anyone from my area goes to your place or i would try and hitch a ride… but i should have a car soon.

yeah i like that tenka tho and NGBC is pretty good… but i hardly play games now to understand that shit plus its SNK so im too lazy to learn… a couple pointers always helps me get started quickly… like my first time playing TENKA i played david for a while… and lost to that andrew shit untill i beat it… then i played this guy jason who brought it over and whooped him like 15 times in a row… so i think i can catch on pretty quick.

Presidential powers are too much. Veto that shit!