Denver CO, players?


Just moved to the Denver area, seeing if anyone plays street fighter around here… I can’t be the only one…


I just moved out here also, and it seems like the scene is pretty much dead. I haven’t been to the Tilt Arcade however so maybe that’s still good.


yo dudes! i live in denver also! hopefully you guys are still active. I’m sure you notice the FGC here sucks! I was thinking of seeing if we could set something up for fun or money, whatever you decide! ttyl~!


I’m down! Just let me know when and where and I’ll try to make it. What do you play?


Any Street Fighter 4 players or tournaments near Boulder? I can get to Denver on the weekends.


Hey, I’m definitely interested. I’m in Brighton, but I work in Denver – so I’d love to join up if you guys are still looking for people.


Google clutch gaming arena, and extra fresh league. There are a lot of players in the Denver area. I’m in cheyenne wy. It’s 2 hrs down and 2 hrs back for any offline casuals for me. Lol


Nice! Thanks for the tips. I’ll be sure to check them out.


I live in Lakewood and I play USF4 mostly. hmu @:


Anyone want to show a complete noob a thing or two?


what system do you have? pc, 360, or ps3?




Hi Everyone,

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m in the same position as the OP was a year ago and I’m hoping that there are still people that play SF4 in the Denver area - I’ll be moving there in about a month from New York City. While I have no illusions that the Denver scene will be on a similar scale, as long as there’s offline sessions I’m a happy camper.

I have been running Bimonthly sessions at my apartment for the last 4-5 years that were a lot of fun. I’d be willing to host Denver SF4 sessions once I am settled. If you’re interested please reply or send me a PM - I may start trying to put a group together.

If there are any existing groups, please let me know as well - my search only turned up EFL and it looks like they only do anime and KOFXIII.

Let’s get something going!


I live in Broomfield and am interested in hosting an initial event at the Colorado Keghouse. I would like to make it a regular thing, bi-weekly/weekly perhaps… The Keghouse is right off 36 by the 1st Bank Center. You could catch the RTD or drive, it’s about 20 minutes from Union Station. Reach out to me if you’re interested in participating and reach out to others as well. I was hoping to have the first event happen late February/early March. If we can gather enough people I’m sure I can get the Keghouse to donate some prizes for the winners. This would be for SFV, Thanks :slight_smile:


You guys might want to try this facebook page:

There’s a tourney coming up 2/20.

@br3nd4n: You can also post things there and try to get people out.

If you’re closer to the springs, where I am, then you can try this facebook page:

We play games every thursday at a place called Fox and the Hound.


check out efl


There’s still life in this thread! I’m fairly-new to Denver as well and looking for FG peeps to play and hang out.


Kingsof co , extra fresh league , ncf (northern colorado fighters ) all on face book