Deonysios loves the kids

Well actually I hate kids, but I did this drawing to display at work for the kids to enjoy.

Nice man. Your mario looks a little skinny tho.

Very Good Stuff.

Yea, i saw that

I made mario to lean and tall. Ugh… I hate when I dont catch things like this immediatly.:bluu:

Isn’t it Luigi who is the skinny one? Good stuff though man. I like square pants.

it’s never easy to replicate things like these. You’ve done a pretty good job though. Spongebob & Patrick look good, Luigi is recognizable (although a bit tall), and Pikachu looks a bit off. Pikachu’s hard to draw right, though. It’s the precision needed in the proportion & placement of his features that makes drawing him hard.

I hate Spongebob, btw. But I think that’s a good pic of him & his friend.