Depeche Mode shuts down Hollywood and Vine the 23rd

i know this isnt SF related
but these electronic pioneers havent done anything like this ever
scoop up some comps to the Jimmy Kimmel Show
hurry while theyre still around,4183,Depeche-Mode-at-Hollywood-and-Vine.html

Holy crap thanks for the 411 I got my ticket reserve…



seriously thanks for the heads up

Yay can’t wait, it should be fun…

I cant wait for the new cd sounds of the universe. gonna see them here in san diego in august

Damn I got this message.

Your ticket request has been recorded, however, you DO NOT have confirmed tickets yet! If we can accommodate your ticket request, the ?ticket request status? will change from ?requested? to ?available? with the total number of tickets specified. You should also receive an email notifying you that tickets are available. There is a chance you will receive an email saying your tickets are available and we reach capacity by the time you respond.

sounds of the universe is sick (got a promo cd a couple weeks ago)
its like they take “sounds” from every depeche mode album (the whole universe)
you will be shocked
theres something for everyone
on the other hand
i think theyre done
album is one of their best, but for some odd reason feels like a swan song