No offense man, but this isn’t totally good advice.

What this does is make you feel worse because there are other people with problems in the world, and it makes you feel even worse for not feeling better because you’re not the only person with problems in the world.

It’s kind of the same as when someone attempts to 1up someone else’s problem, to make them feel better, because they don’t have it as ‘bad’.

Problems are unique to each individual in that each individual is uniquely affected.

It’s good when you have others that can relate.

I stay clear of the TV, news and negative shit they print in the papers. Dont listen to deep music, keep it up beat! Join a gym or workout at home/get a punch bag. Cut all the frowning clowns out of your life or pay them as little attention as possible. Just try to be content, my bad is always wanting more when my life is decent as is, not that I couldnt earn and f*** more…

If you’re struggling with depression quitting your job and taking on the stress of running your own business is not a wise thing to do. I guess each person is different but when you’re feeling low you don’t want more shit to put you down, a business is less stable and more demanding than a job.

Don’t do that one word reply shit.

LOL, your friends can’t prescribe you Venlafaxine. So who recommended it? Was it the shrink or you friends and family?

I think there’s some merit to what he’s saying. I’ve had friends that ended up on meds and didn’t know what to do when the feelings of depression were gone. I have one friend who goes through cycles like it’s day and night. I have another who simply lieks to wallow in his own shit and constantly feels like the world is against him. He knows better, but it’s easier for him to keep believing that everything’s fucked up, rather than make decisions that will make his life better.

Sometimes it IS a lot easier to keep the status quo, even if you’re miserable.

listen to noothgrush, 16, and especially despise you.

channel the hate

As others have said before in the thread, seek professional, competent help.

I was really down in the gutter, a combo of a good pshycologist, a visit to my local pshychiatric free clinic, working out for the first time in my life and eating better and I’m actually rebuilding my life.

Two recommendations though; one, get several diagnosis before comiting to any treatment; professional help is awesome but there are a lot of quacks out there. And two, don’t see it as a sign of weakness that you can’t fix it yourself, you pay mechanics, plumbers and lawyers to do a job you are not prepared to do, don’t you? This is exactly the same.

Drugs. Lots of drugs.


Ones that prescribe drugs are a good bandaid until you have money for real help. That’s what I did, just gotta figure out a way to easily get off 2 years of adderall to wake up and xanax to go to sleep with some anti anixety mixed in there. Nevermind, don’t do that.

Are depressed…or just “down”/unmoitivated?

There’s a lot of events this time of the year for a reason.

Get treated for seasonal affective disorder if your convinced you have it worse than rest of the world.

Make sure you eat properly and enough; nutrition is incredibly important. Exercise is also a very good recommendation.
If you exercise properly, it increases the blood flow in your brain and stimulates chemical release. Also, you can reach a state of euphoria if you exercise enough, which releases dopamine, assisting with fighting your depression.

More often than not, anxiety manifests itself physically; find a way to release tension. Again, I recommend exercise. Also, a lot of psychologists will tell you the best method of treatment is a balance of medication and therapy.

I agree that people often use depression as an excuse not to help themselves, and that if you’re not willing to make yourself better that you won’t see an improvement.

My main issue with that statement is that there are also a lot of cases where depression is a chronic condition caused by genetic factors (chemical imbalance of serotonin, etc.).
In cases like that, people haven’t “practiced” at being depressed and I don’t think that they should be blamed for putting themselves in a rut. You can think all the “productive” thoughts you like, but it won’t fix a chemical imbalance in your brain on its own.

And sometimes meds don’t even fix that either, for that matter.

Slide some money from the entertainment budget to the gym budget.

Until you start seeing results, hit up some fat chicks. Don’t fall in love.

The best relief from anxiety is getting your dick sucked by a slut.

Its been said multiple times in this thread but just start exercising and eating right. You will feel healthy and start to think positive thoughts about yourself, Exercise helps put you in a confident state of mind. If you have hobbies or things you love doing then do them. Do shit that makes you happy and takes your mind off of how much you hate life “like drinking”. Although going out with friends and having a couple drinks isn’t bad, Just don’t get to the point where you drink alone and get all emo.

You’re right, but this is how I deal with it. A lot better than binge drinking to the point of alcoholism, drug abuse, displaced anger on others, etc.

Doctors should show paitients your AV, everytime I see it it fills me with joy.

You can visit every psychiatrist in the world, but nothing will change until you will it to.

Also, I don’t get what people are saying here. Someone said that you can’t do anything about chronic conditions of depression because of serotonin levels not being normal. Except why are you discounting medicine. When antidepressants are made in order to regulate serotonin levels to stabilize your mood.

and drinking is a fucking awesome cheaper alternative.