Derek neal: give me a refund

$120 - xbox
$30 - xbl
$100 - stick
$15 - 3soe


+200$ for all the frustration and disappointment spent on this game.

~$3,000 do I can buy a Head to Head VS City cab and CPSIII etc.

I’d settle just for the price of the game, or an free upgrade tittled “Arcade Perfect, 'Cept This Time For Real”

If they are reading this, they have to pull a Hydrophobia Pure if they wanna get me to play this again… if that will ever happen… :expressionless:

I’m in the same boat as Ryan. But hey, at least KOF13 is out next week and the netcode is supposed to be great (supposedly Damdai worked on it).

Ryan your getting an infraction for a post of no value… looool , but on a real note i wish all of us can get refunds… :coffee:

$80 ps3 stick
$15 3soe

  • finds out that psn net is garbage with 3soe and better players are on xbl-
    $200 xbox
    $80 stick
    $15 3soe
    $10 xbl
    $35 for new stick (other one broke)



$3 pack of colors…


So first it’s gonna be good, but then it’ll turn shit?

I miss this game so very much. I miss it so very much.


550 - tv
250 - ps3
30 - cthulhu ps3
40 - dsub crimper, dsub crimp pins, wire stripper, wire, rubber washers to mount cthulhu
22 - new keyboard switches
15 - 3soe
30 - tv stand
50 - used futon


and if i’m being even more technical about it, 700 per month for the room (incl. utils) where all this new shit is, where a roommate used to live. it’s been 4 months in the making, so tack on another 2800 and counting. ha ha.


“having a roommate is better than 3SOE”

lol. i have a better chance getting a refund than getting this game fixed.

Is there something that sparked this that happened recently or are you just now realizing how much you dropped on another lackluster Capcom product?

i dont play any other games so i dont know how shitty capcoms other games are. id imagine they are better than this though.

Play KOF 13!

Capcom hasn’t made good fighting games in 11 years+ imo… I know you hate 3SOE and all but you are reaching hella hard…

That is pretty decent advice, KOF seems to be shaping up nicely. Still wish that Capcom would fix 3SO though. If you aren’t going to make it arcade perfect at least work abit more on the netcode to help alleviate the rollbacks and sound glitches that ruin hitconfirms.

Project Justice was a good fighting game… :frowning: