Derek neal: give me a refund

3s fanboys still bitching about 3s in some fashion

nice to see some things never change

Another thing which will never change: the guy, never seen before in this section, calling people fanboys about a subject he probably doesn’t care/know but still thinking he has to post something probably to reassure his ego or something.

Could say the same thing about ST/HDR, SF4 series or Marvel 2/Marvel 3…

What’s the common denominator? Capcom can’t stop making shitty games.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

You guys have had your moneys worth bitching in this forum.

Just try and have as much fun for $15, you love complaining, admit it.

No, I’d rather have arcade perfect for offline than better online. Online shouldn’t be taken serious for fighting games anyway, lags gonna fuck shit up regardless surprise surprise!!! We’re not having tournaments online, it’s just for fun I’ve had a ton of great sets with great players online and had a blast and still do.

But online is the only way for some people to learn. Do I have to bring up the many online warriors that have been tearing shit up at tourney’s? Shit, Viscant was the number one ranked in XBLA for Marvel 3.

…er, did you just call Viscant an “online warrior”?

Maximilian said that Viscant was #1 on XBLA, obviously he’s had a tourney scene but he also plays online and is damn good at it.

Are you going to continue to nit pick and act like a cunt?

Maybe someone has the concept of an “online warrior” a bit confused

I’m just saying putting “Viscant” and “online warrior” together sounds weird, especially from what you seemed to be implying what “online warrior” meant(and what most people would gather too)…

And if you think I’m nitpicking, be glad you didn’t post that little gem in FGD.

Some players , experienced and successful arcade tourney players have managed to adapt to the online delay and kept on showing the same high level as they did
in arcade. Some sort of “hybrid” players, you could say. Need to mention, kofriend and Nica K.O? They are/were very dominant players in arcade or ggpo.

I concur the netplay shouldn’t be taken so seriously. However, it’s a part of the new games nowdays including all its flaws. Hence, the 3s title “Online Edition”.
If we do not like netplay or we do not expect anything worthy of this feature, why would we even bother buying 3sOE? We could stick to arcade or ps2 or emu.

Beating a dead horse and all that, but online in FG’s shouldn’t matter at all, it just there for you to fuck around with. It’s all you have, eg. you don’t have a scene? Create one. Big undertaking, I know, but just try. “Online is the only way for some people to learn” No, you hook up SRK or YouTube or the alike, get the info and knowhow from there and go to training mode. Online teaches you nothing but bad habits, but then again if you don’t have anything else for whatever reason, I guess it doesn’t matter.

I expected something worthy of this because when the game boots up, it displays a solid white screen, which you can’t skip, with the letters “GGPO” on it, of course also noting everything that was said about the online play in marketing by Mr. Derek Neal. Now I’ve always said that GGPO isn’t any sort of miracle second coming of Jesus matchmaking system, but from what I’ve played it, and I have played quite a lot and many games, I expected something that works quite well. I sure got told.

You can learn some things from playing online.
The problem is you are limited in what you can learn. Viscant is an awful example because he actively plays offline anyway I think. The guys who play a lot online also play offline because offline is different and they need that experience. Just playing online would be an awful idea.

It’s true for every single game that can be played online and off. Any serious event is offline. If you can remove an unknown factor as much as possible it’s only natural to do that. Defending playing online is stupid, no one cares. I don’t play online really because it’s silly and not a whole lot of fun. When I was first learning some stuff though I did and it was very useful. There comes a point though where it’s more tedious and frustrating than at all fun.

Hey, I’m not suggesting that online play is the most important factor in a fighting game. But at the end of the day you have to look at Capcom’s track record with their work on 3SO. Judging purely based on the patches they’ve released and the suggestions the community has offered which include not only adjustments to the online experience but changes to make the game closer to the arcade standard, Capcom has chosen to completely ignore making any changes to make the game truly ‘arcade perfect’ as they had advertised.


$230 - new Xbox
$ 60 - XBL
$125 - Custom stick
$ 15 - 3SOE

$430 - couldve spent that on a bigger TV

So true.

Where I’m at, there’s not really a fighter scene for me to jump in (At least one that I know of.) and I generally need online play for any competition whatsoever. I can tell what’s good for online and what obviously isn’t, simply from how good execution can be through practice mode and then when you’re online, plenty goddamn dropped combos across the board. (And it’s not pressure from a real match, trust that. I’ve done the shit dozens of times over to know it well enough.)

Not to mention when you face those real laggy motherfuckers and you’re seeing shit go through, but all of a sudden - “LOLFRAMESKIP” and you get trolled and punished.

Shit gets really fucking frustrating when you know you’re doing a good job and lag compensation is just biting in your ass and denying you of it. Not to mention shit that you see coming and you block/parry it, but somehow, someway, frameskips find a way for the shit to still be valid.

If this is how fighting games were offline, I could seriously admit to you that I’d drop the fighting scene altogether.

I’ve played some fighters in my time offline, 3s included a longgggg time ago and it is worlds of a goddamn difference.

Is this what ST players felt like when HDR came out?

I don’t like this feeling :[

At least with HDR you got some of the gameplay problems fixed. You guys didn’t even get that.

I bought an xbox just to play this too but I don’t feel robbed, not like I was robbed for the entire amount anyway. I just don’t consider online 3s the same animal as offline 3s. To keep it so, I don’t pick the same characters online that I do offline. That’s how I keep it fun. Then again, I haven’t been playing much lately.

thats actually exactly what I do if I play online. just use oro, he’s the breatest i hear.