Desert Island Fighters

Hey all - you know the drill: desert island that mysteriously has a power source…:rolleyes:

What’s in your desert island arcade?*

*games that have already been released. Max of five.

I’ll begin with mine, and include a pic of a fav stage or fight from each title:

Pretty obvious choice for 'round here, though any desert island fighting game collection would be all the poorer without it.

Martial Masters
Woo this game truly feels and looks like an unrealsed CPS3 game. It would be good to spend some serious time with this title.:lovin:

Last Blade 2
Bit of a toss up between one & two for me, though the overall vibe of two secured its win. Wonderful game and sure to provide a great deal of entertainment during the desert island stay.

Garou Mark Of the Wolves:
I’m not a fan of SNK games, though Last Blade and Garou are two very special exceptions. Wonderful animation, tight and responsive controls…and all the time in the world to work on the Just Defend system.

Virtua Fighter 5**
What’s this doing here amongst all the 2D fighters? The thing is, I’ve always struggled to enjoy VF, though I wonder if it’s just a lack of exposure to it. It certainly has depth, and a desert island would be the place to explore it.

Have fun, and if there are enough responses I’ll make a graph showing the top DE fighters chosen by SRK.


Interesting discussion, I did something similar but that pertained to everyone’s entire console Fighting collection.

My personal top 5 Fighting games to have on a Deserted Island.

King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
What better way then to have KOF98 but with more characters, balancing changes, and also includes the original 98 for purist sake.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo : HD Remix**
Take the best possible incarnation of Street Fighter 2, add new HD visuals, balancing tweaks, music, and you have an entirely new SF2 installment. Also just like last time for purity sake it ALSO includes the original Super Turbo with original Arcade balance, graphics and sounds. So it’s like having two complete games in one.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Having both Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike and Hyper Street Fighter 2 in single box. I get modern Street Fighter 2 with classic Street Fighter all in the same package.

Martial Masters
A fun fighter that did not get as much attention as the more popular convential fighters such as Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, and KOF

Choice 5 (A)
An NeoGeo MVS Arcade Cabinet with Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Garou : MOTW, and Breakers Revenge filled in each Jamma slot)

If I am restricted to 5 games only then
Choice 5 (B)
Tekken Tag Tournament**
It’s like a Tekken Dream match having nearly every single character in the game from Tekken 1 through Tekken 3.

vampire savior
kof98 (or 98um however that turns out)
3s or st or mvc2


Compilations are cheatin’…

But both are on a single DVD, not multiple discs, but if you want to argue the details.

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike.

HDRemix Original version comes with upgraded graphs and sounds too.

If you have been keeping tabs on all the latest video interviews, Sirlin said that the ORIGINAL graphics and sounds ARE also included, So if you wanted you could effectively play Super Turbo just like it was based on the Dreamcast version (which is the base version HD Remix was developed on)

i.e Original graphics, sounds, and gameplay. The HD graphics ARE included, but they are also optional to those that don’t want to use it for the original version of Super Turbo, so Arcade purists also get their fix as well.

However when it comes to HD Remix mode with the rebalancing and command changes then I would assume the new graphics must be used.

Customization options FTW.

Good question indeed… as I doubt there will be any comp there, you have to select games you enjoy playing alone… hmmm… so;

  1. GGXX SLASH (So I can keep jerking off watching Jam doing her winning pose and I prefer Slash over AC)

  2. Arcana Heart (So I can start to jerk off over all chars, as there will be no law against pedo there!)

  3. Soul Caliber 3 (or 4 if released), So I could play around with the character customization… and maybe finally learn how to play 3D games.

  4. Vampire Savior (Because I wouldn’t give a shit that nobody plays it anymore, and I like the game a lot!)

  5. The playstation 2 version of Virtua Fighter (any of them)… but I would have switched the game disk with the “Best of Akane Hotaru hard core fuck” DVD.

This is in the case where I know I am not going to be rescued, and thus, never return and play other people anymore.

If I shall return to land eventually, I’ll just get GGXX AC and the Akane Hotaru Porn DVD in the VF dvd box.

Wow that is disturbing.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Last Blade 2

Breakers Revenge

King of Fighters '98

Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum (Not a favorite, but overall representative of many great games)

Those would all be grand.

Well seeing as I have all this time to myself all of a sudden I would make my decisions with the sheer amount of time in mind so I should start with…

  1. MvC2 - NEVER got into that game. Didn’t have a Dreamcast ever so I was extremely behind by the time it hit the PS2 (and I live in Cincinnati, arcades haven’t been an option since I was 10). This would give me plenty of time (and then some) to play catch up with the mechanics. Learning traps, infinites etc…basically all the shit I missed out on that makes me not even want to pick it up against people that know what they’re doing

  2. GG:AC - Almost the same thing applies as with MvC2 but I"m MUCH more competent @ guilty gear. Again figuring out mechanics and mastering characters would be the order of the day. I would have an assload to learn about that game as well.

  3. Def Jam: Fight For New York - Fuck what ya heard. Not only is FFNY a good fighting game, it’s a great one. It’s extremely entertaining and the story mode will last me a while so I wouldn’t get bored (since it’s been years since I’ve played through the story mode)

  4. Big Bang Beat - shit is just pretty as hell. Again, my desire to learn a system and characters I’m not familiar with would be perfect to pass the time.

  5. I know this is cheating a little bit but MUGEN with all of the dope original character sprites I can cram into whatever comp I’m playing on, all of the music I want and background from all of the other fighting games. It would be a massive enough Mugen file to file up a HDD by itself.

Yea I’d be pretty much set, assuming of course, all I wanted to do was play videogames on a desert island.

3rd Strike
HD Remix (includes both orginal and new versions of ST)
Garou: MOTW
Virtua Fighter 5
Soul Calibur 4 (isn’t released, but w/e, it is comming out soon enough)

  1. Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core - Being on a deserted Island means I’ll be the best in the region. Plus I love the game :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Samurai Spirits 0sp - My favorite SNK fighter of the moment, and second favorite game

  3. King of Fighters XII - Unreleased I know…

  4. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - because I wont have a computer to visit SRK

  5. Street Fighter II’ Championship Edition - because I can’t think of anything else.

1.) Street Fighter 3rd Strike (I seriously want to compete in EVO before I’m 21 one day, so I’ll be training most of the time for this)
2.) King of Fighters XI (Capcom and SNK have been in my heart for years and years, so I need my dose of SNK fighters, and I love KofXI as much as 3S. I’ll be playing this a lot so I can compete in local tournaments down south looks at America)
3.) Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Always loved the Guilty Gear Series, great game too!)
4.) Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Just loved the whole idea, and really like the gameplay as much as 3S and KOFXI)
5.) Virtua Fighter 5 (I only owned 4:Evolution and was quite addicted to that game, so 5 shouldn’t be no different plus its a 3d fighting game. I’m not very good at those)

This list may change over time due to releases of other fighters but right now if for some mysterious reason I wake up tomorrow on a desert island, these will probably be it.

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
King of Fighters 98’

Misleading title. I thought somebody made a Gilligan’s Island flash fighter. Headhunter = top tier.

That would rule. Professor “Coconut Barrage” and Skipper “Hammock Wrap” supers FTW.

And to answer the question, probably ST and 3S. Boring I know, but those are my two absolute favorites.

Do we have anyone else to play against on said island? :wgrin:

Tekken 5 DR has most of the characters featured in tag, and it’s so much deeper (and better looking for that matter.) That’d be my desert island Tekken of choice.