Design A Book Cover Contest

Gentlemen taggers and digital artists, this is for real. I am a member of an editorial commitee here at Monash University in Australia and this year we are publishing an anthology of short fiction. But, we need a cover; this is where you come in…

Normally, the competition is open only to students of the university, but, after seeing some of the fine work on display right here at SRK, I petitioned to allow outside entries. The commitee agreed.

Simply put, if you win, your design will be used as the cover of an honest-to-goodness published book. I’ll buy the winner a copy and send it to you as well. It may not be straight-up cash, but I think it’s a sweet deal nonetheless.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. The title of the anthology is “Ecclection”. It must be displayed somewhere on the cover. This goes without saying.

Note: “Ecclection” is not a defined word; you will not find it in the OED. Instead, it is open to interpretation by you, the designer.

  1. The names of the Editors-In-Chief also need to be included: Maighrad Clarke, James Massola and Rebecca Tomilson.

  2. The design can be no more than 4 colours.

  3. All artwork must be original. You may not use any trademarked images on the cover. Photography and/or mixed-medium is welcome.

  4. The cover must be size A5.

All submissions should be e-mailed to me at the following address:

Note: Submitted files should be a copy of your design in a readily-readable format not requiring any additional software installation (i.e. Photoshop). (.jpgs, .bmp, .tiff, etc. are welcome). Also, please keep the original Photoshop, or similar, document saved so that you may make any necessary changes.

If your design is selected as the cover, you may be asked to create a matching/corresponding poster and invitation to the official book launch. Details in this regard will be given if and when they are needed.

The closing date is Friday, 10 October.

Direct any queries to

Important: I am leaving for vacation today and will not return until Thusday, 9 October. Do not post, PM, or e-mail me questions; I will not available to answer them. Only e-mail contest submissions to my address.

Show me an my fellow editors what you’ve got! And feel free to showcase your work here for everyone to see as well.

Thank you and good luck!

  • Archer, on behalf on the “Ecclection” Editorial Commitee

Can’t ask questions because he’s gone.

Anyone out there know what A5 is or what kind of art he’s looking for?:frowning:

Despite being completely broke in the middle of the Australian desert…


  • Archer

ummm whats this book about, if someone is going to make something for you we have to know what type of angle/feel to go for

maybe you said it in your first post but i can’t see it :confused:

and why does your location say boston, MA if you’re stationed in Australia.

^ was thinking the same thing

Where from aussie you from… you said “the dessert” so Alice springs?

Sorry about the confusion, all.

Here’s the deal:

The artwork can be ANYTHING. Really.

I know that this is vague, but there are virtually no special requests, no perameters, etc., etc., et al. (See my first post.)

To answer TMT’s question (as best I can), Eccelection is an anthology of student fiction from Monash University in Melbourne. We have selected the best short stories - about 30 or so, all under 2000 words - and are publsihing them under our own imprint.

Most of the writings, I suspect, are of the realist genre, but there is some metafiction, gothic, and fantasy/magic realism thrown into the mix.

If you’re still unclear, I could post what I submitted and you could take a read. (I don’t know if it’s being included, but it is under 600 words and might help to give you some ideas).

Also, I am dropping the deadline, but please understand that I am against the clock here. I greatly appreciate any interest you guys have in the this project. The fact is, however, that we have to send to book to the printer soon…

Oh, and about my location…

I do live in Boston, but I’m studying in Melbourne, Australia until the end of November. I’ve been here since July.

As for being in the desert… Yes, Draig, you were correct: I was in Alice Springs and such for holiday. (I sent my last post from an underground hostel in Coober Pedy.)

I hope this clarifies everything. I’m back now though, so fire away with questions if you’ve got any.

Thanks again.

  • Archer

melbourne monash isnt too far from where i live XD

Anyway, sorry… but im not really interested… if no one wants to here maybe try

No worries, Draig. I just figured I’d throw the offer out there. It’s a longshot, I know, espcially considering that the content doesn’t necessarily jive too well with the digital art posted here. I had to give it a shot though.

As an aside, where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking?


  • Archer

In the dandenongs (if youve heard of them)

soo yeah, not too far away

Draig: Ah yea. I have a vague idea of where that is. Cool.

UPDATE: I have received one entry thusfar, and it looks very, very nice. Many thanks to whomever it’s due.

UPDATE: I will be presenting any entries received to the editorial commitee this Tuesday. This doesn’t mean that if your entry hasn’t been received by then that you don’t have a shot, but it would be beneficial to submit before then.

I know there is more amazing talent lurking in these halls; so c’mon, guys, bring it.


  • Archer

its mine im thinkin