Design a "Vanilla SF4" version of your character! (vanilla cast not allowed obviously :P)


Just a for fun concept thread inspired by the announcement of the edition mode I think it’d be interesting to see what people would come up with.

No new moves
Buffs added in later versions not allowed and are actually reverted. (E.G. Cody’s 3F crLK goes back to 4F)
Things can be a bit dumb but try and keep it within the realm of “this might have actually passed balance testing” so stuff like spacing required loops = ok(El Fuerte RSF / Chun Infinite / Akuma far HK loops). Stuff like obvious infinites (normal - fireball - normal - fireball - forever) not OK.
Ultra 2 removed for all characters
Ultra 1 = damage boosted by 10-20%
Try and include a couple of things you WOULDN’T want, e.g. things you’d hope they’d fix in “Super” E.G. nerf a move or two.

Have fun!


this thread might be too smart for me

you should have called it “make a good version of cody”

i’ll try to play along tho.

id make vanilla dj. with the crumple on ex dread kicks



All buffs reverted (walk speed / knife stuff / crLK 4F / F+HK back to 2 juggle usage / ect)

close HP - startup increased from 8F to 9F. Damage now 110. +7F on hit
crLP - damage is 30
crMP - damage is 70
crHP - damage is 110
Far LP - startup increased to 4F (Cody would have no 3F normals in Vanilla)
F+MP - damage is 70F
Far HP - Damage is 140 is special cancelable (like in Alpha series, as a matter of fact in early development Cody’s far HP and clsHP animations were actually switched)
Far HK - Damage is 130
Far MK - Damage is 90
Badstone - Damage is 70 on normal Badstone causes free juggle like Gouken’s. EX is 130 damage.
HK Ruffian - Damage is 120
EX Zonk - Is an alpha counter
Super - damage is 400 (instead of 350)
Ultra - Damage is 505 (instead of 468)


That’s it? Just add crumple on EX dread kicks? Nothing else cool? no +10 dmg on air slasher? No far HK knocks down? No damage boosts on normals?


Well I’d take the obvious damage boosts, but I was thinking they should let him have it. He still isn’t strong after 3 versions.

So whatever ultra buffs he has plus ex sobat crumple.





-1200 HP and Stun.
-Condor Dive on back jump.
-both s.LKs did 40 damage.
-c.LP did 40 damage.
-both s.MP did 100 damage.
-far s.MK and c.MK did 90 damage.
-c.MK was +3 on hit.
-cl.HP did 140 damage.
-cl.HK did 150 damage.
-far s.HP did 150 damage.
-far s.HK did 160 damage.
-Both hits of c.HK did 140 damage and 200 stun.
-c.LK was 3 frames, +4 on hit.
-All jumping mediums did 100 damage, all jumping heavies did 140.
-j.d.HP did 120 damage, 200 stun.
-j.d.MP did 110 damage, 150 stun.
-Non-EX Spire did 150 damage, soft knockdown.
-EX Spire had a 12-frame start-up, 160 damage.
-LP SPD did 180 damage.
-MP SPD did 210.
-HP SPD did 250.
-EX SPD did 210 damage, 200 stun.
-All Tomahawk Busters were FADCable.
-LP Tomahawk did 140 damage.
-EX Tomahawk Buster did 90x2 damage.
–Couldn’t cancel it into EX Dive.
-Super: 500 damage.
-Ultra: 600 damage.



1200 health
ex habenro dash has four hits of armor
run stop fierce is now just s.fierce
ultra 1 and 2 goes fullscreen via hakan oil slide
lvl. 3 queso bomb wall bounces>>>ultra 2 now possible
super is now unblockable

seriously wtf is this thread…


This sounds fun!


-All buffs reverted (no ultra juggles,neckbreaker damage increased…)
-LK Tsumuji is +4 on hit
-On counter hit cr.HP crumples
-Super damage +70 damage
-Ultra damage decreased is 550
-Ultra is a 0 frame grab
-cr.HK is 100 damage
-Raida is a command grab
-Ex Raida breaks guard
-Ex Kunai changes trajectory depending on buttons pressed
-all lp +10 damage 3 frames startup and chainable
-cr.HK>cl.HK instead of cr.HK>s.HK
-cr.MK high jump cancellable
-b.MK>f.MK comboes
-EX Hien trajectory could be changed pressing forward and back
-cl.LP is +4 on hit
-faster backdash


Didn’t they add that particular Target Combo in AE or v.2012?


Yup,sorry,meant lp>mp>cr.HK>s.HK target combo


LOL that ultra would be so crazy. Somehow I doubt they’d ever let that one fly but whatever it’s just for shits and giggles.

Raida as a command grab I could actually see them trying. That said, if Raida is a command grab, doesn’t “EX Raida breaks guard” become kind of redundant? Also you’d lose the ability to combo into it of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that crHP would ever crumple (again this is just me and this is just for fun). If anything it’d be far HP, though in typical Capcom fashion she’d have the far HP - HP target combo and if the far HP crumpled on counterhit the HP TC would waste that crumple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The EX Raida thing would be like in cross tekken,where if you’re blocking…low?..the guards breaks and,even if you’re on blockstun it hits,so would be like a combeable grab,but yeah most of the things in the list are just for fun,too crazy to actually happen never ever lol


This is for fun right?

Fine. Vanilla Oni would be shin Oni (the secret boss) along with having the teleport and Akuma’s 2 hit far HK that exist in his unused animations.


well since makoto gets worse with every version going backwards:

900 health
1100 stun
lp, mp oroshi +2 on hit, -9 on block
hp oroshi does 300 stun
ex oroshi has no invincibility at all
cannot late cancel / whiff cancel into karakusa
ex karakusa has super range (none)
all hayates incl. ex do 100 damage
all hayates excl. ex are +2 on hit
all hayates excl. ex are -8 on block
cannot combo into ex hayate off of lights (as in super)
fukiage is not upper body invincible (as in super)
fukiage does 300 stun
fukiage does not juggle on majority of characters in the corner after ex hayate (as in super)
ultra 1 does 600 damage
ultra 1 starts in 2 frames (1+1)
backdash is 29f and invincibility does not cover airborne
forward dash is 17f, has same super lag / push
jump HK active for 15 frames, expanded hitbox
all versions of axe kick grant hard knockdown
all versions of axe kick have no height restriction (vanilla cammy TKCS)
FFS does not work (s.hp HC = +4f)
s.HK does 300 stun


oooh I want to try for juri

(All buffs reverted)
900 health
950 stun
Ultra 1: (15-20 seconds and possibly 5%-10% damage increase on all attacks)
shikusen (no follow up) deals 75 stun (no height restriction and safe on block)
2nd impact does 4040
3rd strike 110
Fuhajin (store) deals 75 damage
Fuhajin (Release) Deals 75 damage
ex fuhajin 90
light Senpusha is -3 on block
med senpusha (5030x3)
heavy senpusha (60
ex senpusha (30x5*35) ( Also is a worse wake up option then super version.)
Kasatushi (0 frame start up)
st.lp (is worse than super version.)
cr.lp (40 damage) (30 damage)
close hard punch launches higher and allows follow ups. (120 damage.)
fwd jump medium punch (70 damage)
sekku deals 80 damage and juri can combo from it.
Forward throw deals 140 damage


There’s not really a system like that in SFIV, closest thing would probably be to just make it an overhead.

Btw, saw that Ryu CV, great job.


Sure I’ll do this for fun. My character is Evil Ryu

-All normals do the same damage as Ryu(cr. MP is 70, cr. HP is 100, etc) except sweep which is still 100
-SRK’s do 120,150, 180 damage. Still two hits and the first hit of medium and heavy are 100 and 120.
-All fireballs do 70 damage, EX is unchanged
-Axe kicks do 120, 100, and 160 damage.
-EX tatsu does 200 damage/250 stun
-Metsu Hadoken does the same damage as Ryu’s Vanilla Metsu Hadoken(398)
-Teleport, shaku, health, and stun are the same as Akuma
-Sweep, cr. MK, far HP, are all 6f(all are 7 in AE 2012)
-Dive kick is slightly faster(similar to speed to Vanilla Seth’s dive kick)
-Has the same air tatsu as Vanilla Akuma/Ryu
-Hop kick, target combo, far MK, all reverted to how they were in AE

With all this you have a different take on the glass cannon. No vortex, no rush down, just a very strong footsie character that can deal tons of damage but will bleed hard when you touch him.


@Rice_Eater Don’t forget he still has the 850 health he had from AE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That one wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL. When Cody got released in Super his F+HK used 2 juggle points. AFAIK it is the only normal move that causes a knockdown that did that. It prevented any followups except EX Criminal Upper (ONLY the tornado hit) and the dust part of U2 (which left you punishable if it didn’t kill.)

No MK Ruffian, no F+MP, no EX Ruffian - EX CU. No u1. nothing. Made no sense.


I’m confused by what you mean. Are you saying he still has 850 in AE 2012 or that I forgot to mention that in my list? Just wondering because I did mention it. I said shaku, teleport, health, and stun are all the same as Akuma’s.