Design sheet art for upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 Minimates action figures

Art Asylum: Design Sheets Previews For Upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Minimates! | YouBentMyWookie

A lot are reused from the Marvel side but damn, some of those Capcom figures are looking pretty good. Not really a fan of Minimates but I think I’ll get all just for the hell of it. Amaterasu is looking especially nice. :wow: Ryu and Chunners also look like a huge improvement over the previous figures.

how butch is x-23???

This looks pretty badass, overall. I agree about being more excited for the Capcom side, even though I’m more of a Marvel person as far as Minimates go.

<3 @ ammy

</3 @ no doom

Well, if the art poster is any indication, Doom will be in another wave.

Ammy = day 1 buy.

Want these. Very much so. How much you think they’ll cost?

I agree with the article I’m liking that zero one!

This is the first I’ve heard of “Minimates” before, but I’ll definitely be picking these up. How tall are they, just curious? I ordered the Mega Man Kubrick-figures off of Capcom-Unity a few months ago, they comparative to those I’m guessing?

I definitely want Dormammu’s figure! Though no Haggar is sad :frowning:

Almost exactly the same size as Medicom’s Kubricks.

Mini-Mates are the Americanized knock-offs, except thinner and with limb joints. I’ve used them to fill holes in the Kubrick releases. For example Kubrick’s cereal line released Snap and Crackle, but no Pop. :wtf:

I really hope they come out with MODOK. :tup:

Arthur will be the cornerstone of my Ghouls n Ghosts obsession

The Ammy/Taskmaster/Phoenix/Dormammu ones are $ick. Can’t wait to see what Dr. Doom & Gouki will look like.

I think they’re around 7.99 to 10$ They come in twos.

X-23 looks like Chyna. LOL.

Haven’t bought any Minimates in a long time, but I must own Dante and Amaterasu.

Just bought 2 sets (Mag/Zero at TRU and Dorm/Trish at a NYC comic shop) yesterday of the MvC3 Minimates:

The third and possibly final wave was just announced a few days ago:

Wave 1 (Just Released)
Deadpool vs. Dante
Iron Man vs. Arthur
Magneto vs. Zero (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Hulk vs. Haggar (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Phoenix vs. Morrigan (Specialty Store Exclusive)
Dormammu vs. Trish (Specialty Store Exclusive)

Wave 2 (February 2012) UPDATED Release Date
Wolverine vs. Viewtiful Joe
Spider-Man vs. Chris
Taskmaster vs. Spencer (TRU Exclusive)
Sentinel vs. First Appearance Ryu (TRU Exclusive)
Super-Skrull vs. C.Viper (Specialty Exclusive)
Storm vs. Jill (Specialty Exclusive)

Wave 3 (Spring 2012?)
Captain America vs. Ryu
Doctor Doom vs. Wesker
Thor vs. Amaterasu (TRU Exclusive)
M.O.D.O.K. vs. Akuma (TRU Exclusive)
She-Hulk vs. Chun-Li (Specialty Exclusive)
X-23 vs. Felicia (Specialty Exclusive)

I’m wondering why couldn’t they pair Sentinel with Tron. Is she really hard to make? No Shuma or Hsien-ko love either.

Mini mates and Mighty Mugs are pretty badass, but all the females look terrible. That Zero is ballin though his design in general works well with the figures.

I think a few of the female Minimates look fine to me.

Amaterasu looks like the white tiger zord.

You know, that’s a good point. She does look like a Zord!

Is anyone planning to buy the Minimates? Besides the ones I just got, I was thinking of getting the Skrull/Viper, maybe Taskmaster/Spencer, Doom/Wesker, and MODOK/Akuma. Basically, major villains and the “spy by day, MILF by night”.