sup. y’all know i like to look at things, but what do you like to look at? i’m a big fan of industrial design, architecture & interior design, graphic design, etc. i’ll (try to) show you some cool stuff, but feel free to post what you think is aestically pleasing to you (try not to just post girls plz :rofl:). some threads have already been made which i linked here:

Visual Artist Thread

Graphic Design/Web Design Thread

Urban Decay


:u: if there are others (and i’m sure there are), post a link up and i’ll add it :tup:

also, i kind of wanted a discussion/opinion driven flame war so i put it in GD. feel free to move it though, but PLEASE DON’T KILL ME MODS! I WAS CONFUSED! :sweat:

here’s some of the stuff i’m currently looking at:

Wraith by Confederate Motors
such a cool futuristic looking hog. $55,000.

Splinter by Joe Harmon
supercar. made out of wood.

Arndt Menke
very attractive bicycle (yes i like wooden things [no homo])


Ateliers Ruby
good thing they are protection. i could see myself fall asleep at the wheel in those helmets :rofl:


Suissa Computers
Howard Suissa (my personal idol) makes computers on a different level than a Maingear or Voodoo (though Voodoo is trying to break out of a classic design [still ugly, IMHO]). true functional art, IMO.

Frank Buchwald
you’ll never look at your crappy desk lamp the same again.

Kacper Hamilton
don’t drink too much, it’s a siiiiiiin.


Max Longin
i posted this in the Visual Artist thread, but i love this guy’s work too much to not post again :rofl: $10,000 bed frame with no mattress, and you just KNOW this fool sold a lot of them.

SRK Lounge: The Now Open Edition

Stuff I like to look at are mostly works on DeviantART. I’ll try to link some of them. I’d link my favorite’s gallery, but I haven’t browsed through it. My tastes may have changed. I know I’m not as into the chick vampire look as much as I used to be. Heh.

That’s pretty awesome and a clever name too.

That’s one fancy ass helmet. Also, I’ve been on this site for about 10 minutes now. The music selection they have playing is very awesome so far!

Edit: Oh no! The playlist is over. Time to F5.

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The SRK Art Thread! Chokin' On Lead Paint Chips!

I like checking this site every few days to see some cool things put up.


If anyone has any similar design blogs or whatever to post up, I’d love to check them out.


I went to the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, I studied industrial design.

I’ve go to update my personal page but here are some works from when I was in school:



Nature. God’s still the best designer.

But when it comes to man-made stuff, I have an attraction to the kind of paintings you see in doctor’s offices and such. Most people take them for granted, but I like to take a closer look at them when I remember to.


i’m boycotting DeviantArt currently :rofl: (not really, i just stopped looking around). every time i click on some dude’s portfolio it’s full of:

some sad faced anime styled loli
some bitch with wings
some anime styled bitch with a weapon that’s way too big for her to carry
some bitch with headphones on

you could make that into a drinking game. click random galleries, get alcohol poisoning in under 10 minutes.

cool site. :lol: Artgerm is on the front page. dude’s Chun-li is my least favorite picture out of all the work he’s done. everybody uses it though. :mad:

you think you tuff, huh? see me in these (Sketchup) streets, son! :rofl:

but yeah, good work. i need to learn Solidworks. Sketchup can only do so much, but it’s priced so right (free) :sweat: and i don’t have $5,000 to drop on a program yet! :sad:

\God/Human Collab

Anna Garforth
living graffiti made from a moss/yogurt mixture. if i ever get a brick and mortar store, i’m doing this.

Jan Fabre’s Heaven of Delight
pretty cool looking ceiling? 1.6 million beetle shells.

yeah, i like those paintings too. i’ll tell you what else is good to look at in the doctor’s office: Highlights for Children. not any of that new shit though. the old school stuff had great illustrations.


I use Google Sketch Up to design skyscrapers. It’s pretty awesome. I made this with it.



3s looks neat


these are really cool. my girl draws very well. maybe i’ll post up some of her work


I like lookin’ at boobies.


Wow, those wine glasses are awesome, especially “greed.”




^ If you like transit maps from around the world.


I like to see the new buildings being constructed in vegas cuz the designs are pretty expensive, but what i would like to see is that man made island that in dubai i think, i cannot belive they made a fucking city, an island for that matter. who drew up those blueprint? i wonder how much cash he got for that shit. Oh yeah i work in construction so when we build a house its amazing but nothing compared to those large structures or that fucking island.


Dubai is overrated as all hell. All of those homes on the Palm Islands are nothing speical.


Looks like Orange County.


i like to check out this industrial design site, yanko design. often has a lot of cool stuff.



My favorite architect of all time. She’s so dope.


nice. what’s the inside look like? :bgrin: and stop hating on Dubai. they were cool when they just had the one island. when they started going island crazy… eh, not so much. and Zaha Hadid’s renders look like a sleek version of Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame! universe to me.:tup:

3S = greatest sprite animation. bookmarked.

dooo eeeet.:tup:

greed is my favorite one too. gluttony is my second favorite.

i like checking YD every other day. watch out though, there’s a lot of bullshit on there. i’m not a fan of renders (unless it’s actually going to be made- like all the stuff i render in sketchup will be made and can be made the next day if i felt like.), i’d much rather something tangible so i know at least one of them was made. too many fools on there will make some random-ass amorphous blob of ridiculous in 3ds Max and be like “Future Car.” HOW DOES IT MOOOOVE, YOU ASS?

Aimee Mullins

ok, i’m breaking my “no chicks” rule. but it’s warranted. her legs are frikkin badass!

\Musical Instruments

Siggi Braun
German (i think) custom guitar shop. ridiculously clean.

Russian group that hand carves their work.


thoughts on this bike?


meh, i don’t know. i like some of it. might get it if i was in a situation where bunch of people were riding them, like if i worked in a large warehouse facility or something.

\More Architecture


An associate of mine just graduated from there. I didn’t even know the school existed till she told me about it. Oh Detroit, full of wonders.

I like this thread. I too like interesting design and question how things are designed. Like everything.

I mean to the point where I’m like “I want to design my own…”

mp3 player
remote control
video game controller

And I hate it. I know some of you feel like me. There are many times when you wish that a plate were less shallow or that those shitty college storage tower things of crap were more stable and made out of better material. Or design a t-shirt that has vibrant colors and art that went beyond just the front or back.

Especially on the clothing tip. I have not been impressed with men’s plaid and punk rock loving fashion in the last few years. Like wtf. I’ve always loved the lions and eagles represented in old world family crests. I think that they are beautiful and majestic and they have significance. At first hey, a t-shirt with a lion on it in that same style. Cool. Someone feels me on this. Then it became dozens of t-shirts and pants and belt buckles and hats. Thanks. You killed something great.

And why does everyone love looking so punk rock? Even hip hop is looking punk rock. Like wtf. I don’t want to buy into that look but I don’t want the same shit I have already.



that’s me. my friends are tired of me saying “meh, i could make that. just wait.” :rofl: right now i got drawings for:

2 chairs
1 desk
2 guitars
3 computers; 2 with custom watercooling components
22 joystick designs (currently); i usually try to draw a new stick case every 3 weeks
pens! (once i get my lathe it’s on. pens are too easy to make [in theory])
T-Shirts! (too easy)
shoooooes! (i’m not a hype beast, so most of these new styles/colorways coming out look ridiculous to me)

\ Writing Instruments

expensive, yo. i love it :wow:

\ Entrepreneurship

Business Cards! (i need one bad) many of these are amazing. the other ones are too cool for school :cool:

\ Time Pieces

Fortis Swiss Watches
i love the asymmetry of the band. i love it!

and IKEA is the devil! you can stay for hours in that store just looking around :wow: