Designing a fighting game


I’ve started designing a fighting game recently, which doesn’t have a name at the current moment, and a few things were bothering me.

1 - Are there specific programs used to make the sprities, backgrounds, etc.?
2 - Is there a forum for people that are interested in working on games?
3 - Why is it so hard? (More of a joke question)


Run this by Sharkattack, the dude that made Battle Capacity. He is a member here so it should not be hard to find him. He has developed a pretty good game so he will definitely be able to help


i think you need a scanner to pass your drawings and transform them into sprites. and yes there are specific programs for making sprites, but you’ll need The Fighter Maker 1 or 2 program too to go along with your sprite program, you can also use the Blender free download program to create 3D polygon characters+backgrounds.

the hardest thing, as far as i’ve read, about making a fighting game is making a good CPU.
you can’t have it play you like a retard, but it can’t be on genius/psychic levels either.
good luck.

this’ll help a bit.


Photoshop for spritework, obviously.

Also, if you’re all old-school and traditional like, you do your sprites one dot at a time.


Whatever you do, don’t add blood or gore or extreme violence to your game, no one will take it seriously if you do.


“Designing” a fighting game has been done a million times before. It never gets anywhere without a programmer and an artist.


I Agree. If you’re serious, I hope you’re either a programmer or an artist. Or you have two friends that can do it, and either one of them has ever had a creative thought in their lives. I will never understand why artists don’t just do it themselves.

Are you part of the movers or the shakers?


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