Designs for my arcade sticks! *special*

I’m getting 2 custom sticks built and the maker needs my designs to finish them up, but heres the catch.

I’m an old school gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I play all the new school fighters just as much, bu the old ones have and probably never will die within me.

the run-down
The two stick I’m getting built are different types. Ones japanese/sanwa and the other is default american style, so I figured the designs should fit accordingly.

Using the template provided in this link (click templates):
You should see 4 files. The ones you want are “Sanwalayoutj” for the jap stick and “Atemplate” for the american.

On the Jap stick I requested a classic design 100% focused on the Japanases Anime/fighting game “Jo Jo’s Bizzare Adventure”. On the American stick, I wanted to stay tru to the arcade classic of classics with a design dedicated to “Killer Instinct” (part 1 not 2, even though I like them both).

special request
Now, I realize the difficulty that such a request may have, but keep in mind, it’s only a request. Noone who accepts the task has to hold any kind of dedication to it what so ever, but I do request that if one or any individual that decides to take the task that he/they do take it seriously and present work that he himself would display upon their own belongings.

If there is anyone up to the task just post here pm me here or email me at:

This is a serious request for me as i take pride in anything that I own (especially my joysticks). So please take this seriously. :karate:

Thanks in advance. :tup: