Desirable buffs for Gen in the hinted AE 2013



I want the window for error to be much larger to execute focus attack stance change cancel, because Gen being the teacher of many he deserves a hard earned parry in this game. It makes me cry trying to use it without an xbox 360 on a lagless CRT.

I also want more applicable useage for mantis U2, specifically, I want this ultra to start up faster. This ultra represents hands, and does not give damage directly, therefore it could have the speed of hands (3 frame startup) to give it some utility and reliability.

I would like Gen to get back his vanilla input for hands, because why not?

Gen needs a gameplan besides footsies, and I feel that if they do not want him to have Okizime, or damaging combos then they need to further improve his footsies, shrink his overall hurtbox by a little bit, and dramatically lower the pushback for hands so that he can combo afterwards. Otherwise whats the point of this move being +9 on hit?

This way Gen can stay in his opponents face and make them guess block low/attack consecutively more often.

Lastly, i think jayesen (roll) is too situational, and Gen users do not like using it unless trying to roll through fireballs, whilst wanting to land super, they instead trade damage for an opportunity to get inside.

I believe this move would be worth something if the second to last hit/last hit was instead special cancellable.

This would extend the combos it gives, but not beyond an ex.hands to something else, which would then scale down considerably. And not special cancellable into itself obviously.

These changes would definitely make Gen a strong character, and they would provide use for much more of his moves. We all would agree his many of his crane normals are just too risky to use, and his ex.moves are too situational or costly to use over super.


I’ll be glad if they don’t nerf anything really. But if I could ask for something, it’d be either better stun resistance or a better Lp Roll (not that he needs it but it’s kinda silly to have a semi useless move that requires tons of charging).

2012 Gen’s oki and damage output are very strong BTW. He is the character with top tier strenghts and low tier weakness afterall. Hit the lab =)


Honestly I believe the current version of Gen is great, just give him 5 frame invinciblilty on lk gekiro and I will be over the mountain


give him legs. make it so you cant link hands to hands but you can do hands to legs.


yeah, i just hope no nerfs. i think this is the best version of gen so far


no nerfs. That’s it. Maybe a bigger input window after the fadc but it’s probably just me…


Where was it hinted BTW? I wouldn’t want buffs.


hha…Yes ,badly need the invinciblilty. Even if they nerf the damage of lk gekiro to 120 ,we can accept…
But it might be too strong to let old man have such a stable anti air…


If you guys want some changes or to ask for no nerfs try to help here. I keep seeing that 2013 was hinted in multiple places.


Also the hands should not push the enemy so far on 1~3hit, it can push the enmy on 4hit…
The reasonalbe effect is "we still cant do the hands loop,but the hands cant punished by some character"
For example : Feilong blocked Gen hands (first hit push Feilong far away the other hands whiff) ,than Feilong can punish with fire punch (mp or ex version)… Unacceptable. As we did so much work on hands why should we suffer from those chips…

We will be very glad to see the hands can use the (10frame) reversal system. Than we don`t need to mash the botton so hard to punish so some chip things …


Actually I would like LP hands to have the same frame gap as MP and HP hands between each hit. We could really use it since LP hands supposedly have the least pushback BUT the huge gap (5f between hits instead of 3f) is the cause of pushing them further consequently.

And make crane st.LK safe on block while they’re at it


maybe make giekro airborne sooner. i hate when i try it for AA sometimes and get to eat a full combo


I don’t think he really needs any buffs, perhaps add some use to LP hands whether that be less pushblock or remove the amount of hits to allow a link into>hp.hands.

…And just for fun, make TC2>HK.Gekiro universal.


So is there any actual evidence that they’re making another version, or is this just a random wishlist thread? Because I’m actually really happy with this version and the balance is surprisingly good.


some guy at Capcom America said there is NO other version in sight but if the community asks for it, they might think about it. besides this, some time ago Ono said he’d love to make another update. Luckily we got rid of Ono…


The balance is good unless u r fighting against Guile, Dhalsim


The balance is good unless u r fighting against Guile, Dhalsim


aside from the obvious no nerfs, probably the only thing left id like to see is mantis u2 turn into a useable ultra. Easiest way would probably to make the damage (grey) 500+. Not whiffing on airborne opponents would be nice as well. Something more lucrative, although unlikely, would be the alpha system where the life drains away instead.


Maybe Gen could super jump and SJC moves like REAL assassins do.


Back in his young days he super jumped everyday in the fields. Now he’s just too old…