Desk's armor cancel?



Anyone figure out how to do the Hugo armor cancel that Desk did in his Hugo combo video?


It’s mentioned in the other thread. It’s done by activating a special with armor then cancelling it into the special/ultra of your choice in the exact frame that the armor activates. So pretty much u do ex lariat or meat squashed and then immediately do u,tra 2 or ultra 1 depending on the attack. Can be done with other specials as shown here.

It can be useful albeit extremely difficult. I’ve never done this


its easiest if the special shares some of the directional inputs as the special. You can practice against the meaty leap attack setup for Hugo. (lariat, empty jump, leap attack). On wakeup you do reversal lariat (QCF+KK) then do another QCF+KKK. You can do it in two separate motions or do QCF,QCF+KK,KKK like you’re plinking KK with KKK. That’s the “better” way to do it, It’s also easier to do it from ex.meat squasher, so just meat spin forward with KK and KKK.

Edit: May also help to practice against Akuma’s air fireball.