Desktop PC won't turn on after blackout. A little help please?!

Ok, so. There was a power outage in my apartment complex today. My desktop is connected to an APC battery backup. When this happens, I usually shut down my PC and wait for the power to come back on. It just so happens that I got a phone call and lost track of what I was doing. Next thing I know, the battery backup shuts off and everything that’s connected to it shuts off.

I’m thinking, no big deal right? So, some time passes and the power comes back on. Well now, my PC won’t even power up. The motherboard light comes on when you cut the power supply switch to on, but the whole thing won’t power up when I press the on button. What is going on? The APC battery backup doubles as a surge protector, so nothing should have been fried. I had something similar happen before a while back, but my PC was plugged into the wall (didn’t know any better back then) and when I powered it on, there were some sparks and smoke. I knew my machine was done.

So does anyone know how to get this thing back up and running? I am posting this from my laptop.

This is the Back UPS that I have.

My desktop’s power supply has been turned off and unplugged for well over 12 hours. I coneccted everything turned on the power supply and tried to power up and still nothing.


Your power supply is probably dead.

How in the fuck could that happen? It’s barely a year old and connected to a got damn battery backup/surge protector. This damn thing might as well be a waste of money. Do they normally just die like that once they lose power?


Are you sure the outlet is still hot? plug a hair dryer into the outlet to test it or something, perhaps you tripped a breaker?

Yes. The battery backup is up an running as well as everything else that is pluged into it. The only thing it’s powering is the printer, monitor and cable modem. When I plug my PC up to it, the light on the mobo comes on. I just found this bit on youtube and I’m going to try it out and see what happens.


almost 100 percent sure it’s prob your power supply that is dead, I use to fix computers for a living and this would always happen to people when there was a blackout.

You can still get lights on your mobo even without having the power cord plugged in because of residual energy.

Make sure it’s plugged in.
Make sure the screen’s on.
Make sure the power socket still works. (lamp/blow dryer test)
Make sure the power supply voltage selector toggle is set to 115 volts (in the U.S.A.).
Make sure the cables still work. (swap monitor and PC cables. Don’t use the battery backup, or a surge protector for this test. Plug directly into the wall using a known good socket.)

Unplug the PC.
Press the power button for 5 - 10 secs.
Plug it back in.
Attempt to turn it on.

If it still don’t work.
Press the power button and see if the power supply fan moves at all. Even the slightest movement means it’s probably working and the issue could be related to the motherboard. If it doesn’t spin, the it’s probably the power supply.

If the power supply fan spins, remove your CPU, Memory, Hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and other components. Remove all peripherals from the back/front of your system, like USB drives, digital cameras, printers and scanners.

Turn on the system and see if you get a beep code of any sort, or any indication that the system is turned on. Add back your components one-by-one and see if you can determine which component is causing the issue, or until the issue is resolved. It’s not uncommon for the problem to disappear after doing this.

Hope this helps. Surge protectors can only protect from so great a surge. Getting directly struck by lightning or another high voltage surge can result in destruction of system components. And if you have a telephone modem connected directly to your PC you might as well not even use a surge protector, since that is the number 1 target for surges. same thing with cable modems.

That video was nothing, he didn’t fix a thing aside from reset the CMOS.

I hope not. I’d hate to have to get another PSU seeing how I just put in this new one about a year ago.

I’ve tried the fix on youtube and done what you sugessted, but no power at all seems to be getting to this thing. What I can’t understand is why the mobo light is on if the PSU isn’t putting out any power at all. I guess it’s just the residual voltage from it being plugged in. What other non PSU purchasing options do I have? BTW, it didn’t even past the first test. I got no post and nothing is connected but the mobo.


Shit breaks sometimes man. It just happens. Just go buy a new one. A basic one is like, $50. If you need some fancy ass $100 power supply with lit up fans and shit, that is your problem.

Also, if that is what you put in it a year ago, it is still probably under warranty.

It’ll be kind of hard to use the warranty for this bad boy. It came with a case that I bought while I was in Japan. I’ve been looking for an excuse to build another PC, I guess I don’t have a choice now. I’m going to see if I can cop another PSU from work and throw it in and see what happens. Anybody have any more suggestions?


It may be something as stupid as the PSU being in 220V instead of 110V. I havn’t worked on hardware of this type in years so this is the best I can offer.

Nah, it’s been on 110v since I had it. That was one thing I made sure of Sazae.


What step did it fail on?

PSU connected to just mobo with nothing else connected. I tried it with just the ram and without and still got nothing.


Was the power supply fan turning at all?

sometimes left-over charges on the motherboard can cause this if not ur power supply is probably fried. happened to my uncle a few weeks ago. try grounding it to get rid of any excess charge. this is what he did so im not sure if that was the actual problem, but give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the mobo needs ram and a cpu to get the video to display and show POST.

i had the exact same thing happen, but in my case it turns out that one of my network PCI card fried and prevented the entire computer from going into POST.

my vote would go toward the power supply, but not 100% sure. What brand power supply is it?

in anycase, you should get another PS to have lying around for emergencies, newegg sells OEM Antecs for $20.

Nope, nothing at all.

How do you ground just the power supply? I don’t think I have the equipment to safely do that.

I’m not worried about video displaying, I’m just try to restore power right now. I’ve tried to power on the pc with nothing but the mobo and then with just the ram. It’s like the PSU is dead or something. The PSU is some generic brand that came with the case. The model number is SCY-400A-AD12.,SNYI:2005-40,SNYI:en%26sa%3DN


Dude, this isn’t that big of a deal.

Buy a $40 ATX power supply and put it in the case, everything will be back up and running exactly like it was before.

You don’t need to build a new PC.