Desktop recorder


I think thats the term for them.

Basically I’ve started playing Garou via Mame with a mate of mine and I know that with Mame you can record the matches and view them in Mame. But I want to view them on a media format like .avi, etc. What program do I need? Can anyone recommend any?



ermm, FRAPS??? just a thought


I didn’t think it would record Mame stuff but thanks.


There are lots of MAME ports which have a “record to avi” function. You will need a somewhat beefy system, though, especially if employing compression. A second drive to which you can record would also be adviseable.

Here is just one that offers avi recording:

It actually gives you the ability to record live to .avi, or replay .inp to an .avi recording. .inp recording is much less resource-hungry and will not lag gameplay at all.


Camtasia will record your actual desktop, or a specific region you box. Might slow your computer down quite a bit though.


Hypercam 2.1

Also, when recording screen, a good trick is to put your desktop resolution into 800x600 and still lower the game screen enough so that you can somewhat see your character and are able to perform the combos. This way you’ll be saving lot’s of PC power and are able to record without any lag. This is just a method that I use when recording combos with Hypercam.

The clips I cut later on with Videomach, though that’s not what you asked for. Just telling incase your curious :open_mouth:

PS. When uploading on youtube the videos that you recorded on ‘800x600+lowered game screen’ will look just fine on youtube, incase you want to share your video in there.


Good stuff guys thanks :tup: I’ll try them all out. I tried downloading Fraps a few times only to have my virus scanner throw worm error messages. But you guys have mentioned quite a few so it should be cool.


The versisons of MAME with record to AVI can get a little annoying sometimes, but you can play and record input which doesn’t slow anything down, and then go back and record an AVI off the input. When you watch it play back the input it’ll go slower than usual but the finished product is timed correctly to play at full speed. It’s really handy.