Desoldering without desoldering tools

is there any alternatives to using a wick or bulb when desoldering/removed solder from a point?

if so let me know :slight_smile:

Well if you are only desoldering a few things and dont want to go out and get yourself a desoldering braid or bulb, then if you are using multi-strand wire you can strip a portion of an extra piece, put a little flux on it(provided you have extra flux), and then use it like you would a desoldering braid.

The only alternative method I know of, though it doesnt work nearly as well, would be use the above method without the flux. Without the flux you will just get a little bit of solder sticking to the extra wire. So you hold the wire to the point you are desoldering, heat everything up, get a little solder on the extra wire, then pull the wire away before the solder cools. Then repeat the process with a clean portion of the extra wire until you have removed enough solder. But like I said, this doesnt work nearly as well as it does when you have the extra flux, and really it would probably be worth getting the flux or a desoldering braid rather than spending all the extra time trying to do it without either of those.

thanks a lot. i was using the extra wire method earlier, but i found a … one of those blue ear sucking things and got it all out. ill probably go out and pick up a desoldering bulb later today though.