Desora just made a YouTube channel. Subscribe to it immediately



PS. Someone should try holding an EX tourney. Seems fun…

pretty cool but he needs to get rid of that ex groove crap. shit’s stupid.

ex kyo ftw!

omg this vids are so tight


CvS2 EX side tourny at evo?

Did single match last year.
Try ex.

LOL that shits funny and nice at the same time. Glad EX groove aren’t aloud in tourneys or this game is sure to be broken with that crap.

Oh shit, EX groove tourney at Evo worlds would be nice!


Actually, if I get some help running, I’d host it.

r4 raiden lol

Lol he just added a SF2 rainbow match. How beast is this guy?


What the shit?

yea he commented on my match

I vote for a CvS2 EX forum.

I concur.
Link to the hopeful CvS2 EX-groove side tourney @ EvoWorld.