Desperate to use my Saturn Pads on PS2, but how?

I’m a huge fan of the Sega Saturn joypads, mainly because I’ve gotten so used to them as I’ve put many long hours of gaming onto my Saturn. They still respond excellent, they’re without a doubt one of the most comfortable pads I’ve ever used too.
I’ve been using the Street Fighter Anniversary joypads for my fighters on the PS2 for the past year, but I still cannot get used to them. 2 things really, really annoy me about that design. 1st: Why the hell is the start and select button SO CLOSE to the top three attack buttons? I often hit those buttons accidently just by try to spam on the top 3 attack buttons to add damage or help shake out of dizzies and so forth. The result… constant pausing or game resets because of accidently hitting the start and/or select buttons. 2nd: The D-pad itself is just a big, thick, round circle with little to no grooves in it to help hit the diagnols of the pad consistantly. It is so difficult to do defense crouch charging motions in particular.
In a nutshell: I can’t stand these pads!
I’m not interested in using joysticks, because I’ve had several of them (including MAS) and they never had that feel of a cabinet SF2 stick.

Is there a Saturn to Playstation adapter that I could plug into my PS2 system to be able to use my Saturn pads on it?

If the PS1, Ps2, and PS3 all have the same plug in design (the jack outlet for the pads), then even a Saturn to PS1 adapter should still be able to plug into a PS2, right?

Bottom line is, please help me tech guru’s in solving this problem!
I want to use my Saturn pads on my PS2, but how?

I’ve got two of these, but saturn pads for ps2 seem to be pretty hard to find these days.

Try ebay or amazon or whatever…

Don’t know anything about saturn->ps2 adapters tho’, sry…

edit: and yes, the SF Anniv. Pads are just horrible…

Ha ha ha… Dude those pads look sweet! Do you think they’re still available? If so would I order them from the link you provided? How long ago did you get yours and how long was the shipping?
Lastly, how is it compatible with PS2, by having 2 cords extending from the joypad (1 for Saturn, and 1 for PS2)?

Thanks! :wgrin: :wgrin: Maybe my problem really IS solved… finally. :sad:

Here’s the saturn pads for ps2 at play-asia, but they’ve all been out of stock for some time.

They’re only (yet fully) compatible with the ps2, so only one chord. Works excellent :lovin:

Shipping from Play-Asia is way faster than pretty much everything else coming all the way from well, asia… But I rly think it’ll be a hassle to get yer hands on one this late… I’ve had numerous futile attempts of finding an extra myself

You’re a tad late, lad :sweat:

This site was brought up in another thread about cheap Sega Saturn pads. There is what appears to be a Saturn to Playstation converter on there. I e-mailed them about it and they never got back to me.

For $3 it probably doesn’t work that well, if at all. But then for $3 who really cares. They hustle with shipping cost though.

Or you can try something like this:

Are there any XBox>PS2 converters? Probably a long shot, but Saturn pad>Magic Box>XB-PS2 Converter could possibly work. Maybe?

That would cause so much lag…

The look upon your friends’ faces when they see the pile of converters on yer floor will probably be worth it

Probably a double longshot here, but a DC>PS2 converter with one those FT pads Ascii made for the DC would be a set-up worth looking into, OP. The FT pads are about the same size as the Nuby ones, but with much better design. Pad’s more on par with the old Saturn setup, and I would say it’s the best pad outside of the Saturn’s for fighting games. If you can even find them anymore…

Any chance I could wrestle one of these away from you? I only need one.
I have trades (valuable ones) if interested. Of course you could always name a price too. I’d be very generous just for the consideration.

PM me and let me know.


Are SF pads really that bad? I know they aren’t going to be as good as a Saturn pad or the Ascii FT2 but since those are near impossible to find and very costly when you do find one would the SF pads be the next best alternative for times I don’t feel like using my sticks? I don’t like Dualshocks for fighters and shmups but for now that’s all I have.


I’m actually amazed by their horribleness. They’re prolly’ hard to find because well, for some guys they’re surely somekind of collectors item. I guess. :\

I meant the Ascii FT2 and Sega pad for PS2 are hard to find. The SF pads are easy to get. I got all 4 of the PS2 ones for about $50 shipped (mainly just for collecting but also to see how they are). If they are that bad then I’ll just leave them in the boxes. I read a review somewhere saying they look a lot better than they play heh.

Hey, TWW… You got PM! :wink:

I re-read the thread when I received your PM and noticed your post.
Sry for not sending you a message right away. Didn’t read the thread thoroughly enough, I guess :sweat:

Just leave the AC Pads in the boxes, they are mediocre, the D-Pad is crap for any type of charging, the start/select button placement sucks, and the buttons routinely start sticking after little use. The ergonomic design is too flat, not at all comfortable like the Ascii or Sat pads.

I’ve been thinking about this.

If you can score a spare extension cord, some 74LS series chips and a PS pad, you could make an adapter.

Tell me more. I have no game tech experience whatsoever. Would it be difficult?
Do you mean a PS2 extension cord, or a Saturn extension cord? (I have a spare Saturn ext. cord, but I don’t have a PS2 one). What is 74LS series chips?
The PS pad and Saturn pads I have.

It’s an electronic logic chip. It compares or does operations on electric bits of information.

Basically, there’s a tiny circuit you could build that would output the value of each button whether it’s on or off to PS pad.

Doing the circuit design is a little tricky now that I think about it…

What strikes me as odd is that I just now realized that this: is what you what.

Forget the converters, they all cause lag.

I have two official PS2 Saturn pads. I got a black one and a Vampire Purple one. They are both used, I’ll let the black one go for 80$ and the purple for 100$.

Yes that’s an obsurd price, but they’ve gone for higher than that on Ebay.

as long as it gets it’s clock from the PS, it shouldn’t be cuasing that much lag…