Desperate with a Stick :(

Hi there

My TE stick arrived today and Im so horribly bad with it. Im really desperate and am thinking to get back to my fightpad :frowning: I have 8000 bp with the fightpad but Im unable to compete with the stick. How long does it take until I have the same level with stick? I ALWAYS played with pads :frowning:

anyone else has problem playing with stick? how do you hold it to dash? Dashing is soooo much easier with pad!!!


I’ve noticed that it would feel awkward using a stick, since all i have is the controller.

lol? you say you prefer the pad too?

It’ll take you about a month. I won’t lie. The switch from pad to stick will be rough, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

I always found most people who buy sticks are somewhat used to them because they played in the arcades with sticks years ago & want that same feeling whenever they play.

If you’re happier with the pad, then play with the pad.

Got my stick last Friday and couldn’t do anything. Slowly starting to get it under control but from what I hear it takes at least a week or two to get used to it. I too only used pad before this. Regarding the “dash,” I realized that I was trying to move the joystick much faster than I actually had to for the dash to come out. Once I calmed down it wasn’t a prob.

I’ve having trouble switching to stick too, when you move the stick is it the wrist that moves the stick or are you keeping your wrist straight and moving your shoulder?

you are going to lose matches when learning your stick

forget about your 8000 BP on a pad…that means nothing if you TRULY want to learn to play on a stick. plus its not like theres really good comp online.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE…im a pad player too but the transition to stick had to be made. It wont be easy ,you’ll get frustrated but once you get comfortable on the stick it will be well worth it

live in that training mode… and ill add you for some matches online.

I just got my stick today yay!!! But I know I’m going to suck hard for a while on it… :frowning:
I’ve only really just used pad in the past. The only times I used stick was at an actual arcade. Most of my SF was done on home consoles. Looks like I’ll just be doing player matches for a while now…

I with you. All we can do is practice. Just stick with it (no pun intended). We can all make it.

Stick > Pad.

When I first got my stick, it took me a good 2 weeks to get used to it.

I build my sticks prior to the SF4 console release, and I was frustrated learning that I couldn’t do anything near what I did on the pad.
Now, 2 months later, I’m not looking back, it’s me and my sanwa-sticks.

Regarding dash, and joystick movement in generel if you have the TE or other sanwa-fitted stick, it’s all in the wrist. Also, tiny moves is enough. Just sit there and gently move the stick till you feel the microswitch “click”, then release and do it again. Do it fast, and you’ll dash. No need to hammer the joystick fully in a direction, it offen won’t go back to neutral in between.

Rewards stick vs.pad: Button layout obvious, and no more sore thumbs. Also, goodbye to macros like PPP or mp+mk, it’s all right there, the way it should be.

Did you learn to use the pad overnight?

i use the fightpad, but im a little weak on the TE stick. i dont get my motions down correctly a lot. im still thinking bout switching to stick tho.

Yeah…tell me about getting used to the stick…
I think it’s because we are used to the US octo gates…I couldn’t even do fireballs with the TE. Besides trying to get used the the stick…I also had to find a decent/comfortable way to hold the Ball. Tried all kinds of ways and finally settled on holding it with the tips of my thumb, index and middle. I also play with it on my lap. Didn’t think it would be comfortable on my lap…but I was surprised. I prefer it to it being on a table. Got used to it in about 8 hours of total play.

You expect to the master the thing in a day? Stop overreacting and put in the time and effort to adjust to the thing, just like you did with the pad. It’s like going from an automatic to a manual.

im not a ryu player but I saw this thread and needed to reply. After playing with a pad for the first month after release and all my previous SF experience had been on consoles with some type of controller, I decided to buy a stick (mostly because i thought it looked fun and i wanted to play the game as it was designed) I picked up and SE stick, modded it with Sanwa parts, and im about a month in and im just NOW getting comfortable to playing people online. I still can’t win as well as the pad but im converted. Plus playing ikaruga, bionic commando and other arcade games on the stick = EPIC:tup:

I agree with what others have said.

Give it 2-4 weeks to adjust depending on how much you play or fast you learn.

Took me a good month to adjust to the TE stick. I’m 2 months in now and I still think I have loads of room for improvement: my execution of qc on the 1p side sucks, plus I need to work more on FADC>Ultra.

just go into training mode and practice,practice,practice. i finished my stick about a week ago and i was just like u. after using it for the first time i thought i made a huge mistake. i couldn’t even do fireballs and dp’s. granted it’s been 15+ years since i used a stick but i felt like a baby learning to walk all over again. now i feel a lot better with it and can do most move with no problem at all even though i’m still adjusting. it just takes time but here’s a drill i do. for me i started training with ryu and gief so i just do 100 fireballs,100 dp,s,100 spd’s,etc. do 100 straight of every move and if u mess up then u have to start over at 1 again. yes,it can get frustrating at the start but it really does help and you’ll see results probably the next day.