Desperate with a Stick :(


Just like everyone says PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I usually played with pads and got used to my fightpad when I bought the game. I got my TE stick about two weeks ago and it took me about a solid (and I mean like 4+hours a day) week to get used to it. I’ve had a good amount of arcade experience before so the transition wasn’t that bad. Now, I actually think I am better with the TE stick than I was with the pad. I think the TE stick so much more accurate than the pad. I always accidentally threw my super after an SRK with the pad but with my stick I can throw SRK’s without throwing my super all day long. To be honest, I dont think I can ever go back to a pad. Just keep playing with it. You’ll end up liking it sooner or later. Good luck!


My god, I just tried out the stick. I suck so freaking bad… It’s frustrating when you can’t execute the simplest things when you could do them before in your sleep… I was on the verge of throwing the stick out the window.


I hope it wasn’t s TE stick you was goin to throw…I’d kick your ass! j/k

But remember, you must become one with the stick. And to be come one you have to be one. Practice, learn how it works and the movements you do to execute your moves. Don’t give up.


hey, what do you guys think. should I first learn to dash or does this come automatically by playing. I seem just to be incappabable of dashing :frowning:


I guess learn dash first. I just learn as I go. I play against the AI on Hard to keep me on my toes. I don’t play online using a stick but will play people in my area in person.


i recently had to adapt to pad because i couldn’t get a stick for my 360.

it took me about 2 weeks to get to a point where i didn’t want to slam the thing down on the table.

i’m thinking it should be somewhat similar the other way around.

but totally worth it! i wish i had a stick to plink with!!! i can only plink if it involves HP or HK =.


It took me less than a week to transition over from xbox pad to stick.

If you have the discipline and can handle the torture of spending hours a day in training by yourself repeating the same motions over and over again until you have the muscle memory to perform it flawlessly then you can get it quickly.

I spent 3 months losing for 3 - 5 hours a day to learn how to play Warcraft 3. It took my 10 days from the day I got my stick to finally hit the SRK > FADC > Ultra with Ryu.

One last tip…

My stick broke 8 hours in because I got it off of CL so I had to fix it. While the stick was in pieces I noticed how the stick actually works with the micro switches and it helped me understand the motions.

There are only 4 switches in it top, bottom, right, and left. So when the stick is in the upper right hand corner of the square gate the top switch and right switch are engaged.

If you keep this in mind you will noticed you don’t actually have to move the stick all the way into the corner to perform the command.


Why not playing online with stick?


I can do FADC ultra with ryu with pad 99% with stick about 10-20%. Its is horribly difficult as I always cant dash cancel the move :frowning:

I really dont know how to learn to dash


^ i noticed a bit of a difficulty on the dash stuff when I moved to stick also. How are you holding the stick? I usually hold it like if you were holding a wine glass I guess. I feel like this makes it easier to do dashes a lot faster.


could you send a photo of how your holding it? dont quite understand. Dashing is almost impossible for me… :expressionless:


i cant imagine ever playing a sf game on a pad…but i grew up playing sf2 in the arcades using sticks so that is pretty much all i have used. the jap stick can take a while to get used to though. also maybe mod your TE and get a octagon plate instead of the square one.


dont even know the difference. but I dont have that much problems with stick except dashing. and playing sf without dash is so frustrating :frowning:

I also have a korean custom stick but the TE’s stick is much softer I cant dash anyway though ^^


Did you see my post, #12 in this thread?

You should minimize your movement, get used to the microswitches, feel when they click and know that’s enough. Feel when it goes back to neutral. See how little motion it requires to get around all directions?

It’s just like playing guitar, you wanna economize handmotion to build up speed and precision.


i’m just thinking about to buy a stick but after all this frustrating posts… i am not sure if this is the right way to get a better “street fighter”


I got a stick because I wanted the old-school arcadefeeling back, which I got.
If it doesn’t matter to you, you could be just as good on a pad and even better, it’s a matter of taste and what fits you.
Only thing you would never be able to playing a pad, is play on an arcade SF4 or if a turney only holds sticks as controllers, or if they have some restrictions regarding macros, which will sure kill alot of pad-players.
But, it’s true, button layout on the stick is way cooler obvious (or get the fightpad?), and no more sore thumbs.


You say fightpad is as good like stick?


I think my problem is I’m pushing the stick all the way for every direction so it feels really slow. I don’t know when it’s going to register. Some times, I’ll be thinking I’m pushing down but I’m really pushing DF or DB.

And too bad I strum with my right hand on my guitar and use my left hand for the stick… :shake: My left arm needs to get smarter…

I’m also having a tough time getting the ultra to come out for charge characters like Chun. My timing is completely thrown off. I have this feeling that I can’t “feel” what the character is doing like I did when I as using pad. I can’t get a sense of when I have enough charge for my moves.


Not necessarily, I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard people who got them are happy.

So, again, it’s preference and taste.

I like having my sticks now to play any 2D fighting game, just as I only play racesims with my forcefeedback wheel, just as I play FPS with keys/mouse, just as I only play Fifa with a pad ect.

Hmm…now this thread shouldn’t be under “Ryu”…


Sticks are very very sensative, to give you an idea of how sensative… hold the stick nuetral and then move it very very slowly in one direction, hear that click? That’s the joystick registering your movement in that direction, it barely has to move at all. As previously mentioned, you don’t need to move it all the way in the direction you want until it can’t move any further… just until the click man. Keep practicing, you’ll get it!