Desperately looking for Vancouver Area fightstick modder

like the title says, eagerly looking for a stick modder in vancouver, bc~or somewhere close like seattle

If you can’t find anyone send “Devilsfang” a PM. He’s from Florida but he’s the best.

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gRich u there?

Still looking for someone in the NYC area to mod my T5 hori stick…

what exactly are you needing done?

dual modding
are u in the area and good at this?

unfortunately that’s something i’ve never done before. Sorry bro.

You’ll probably have better luck asking in the Van area thread.

its ok, what have u done so far tho? just curious, and are u in vancouver?

and thx Frog


cmon vancouver…

Heh. I haven’t done dual-modding before but i was looking into it the past few days. It doesn’t look THAT hard. have you considered doing it yourself? I mean i guess soldering can appear intimidating, but really you’re just “putting icing on a cake.” You simply solder wires from the main PCB to the Cthulhu PCB and connect all of them with a ground wire. There are other things that need to be done but that seems to be the idea. Someone correct me if i’m wrong though >_>

nah its not the soldering itself that scares me…in fact…i have a degree in engineering and has soldered plenty back in university lab courses…

but i am just afraid of something going wrong

I would recommend then to… SACK THE EFF UP.

LOL it’s not that hard, and with that experience you are more than qualified to follow directions on-line and solder some wires.

this ain’t rocket science, just do itttttttttttttttttt.

Like everyone said, it’s easier to just DIY. I mean all the time you spent posting here, you could have done it already :wink: I did my first dual mod (psx ds1 & 360 retro) a couple weeks back & it works like a charm!

how abt…anyone in the seattle area?