DESPRATLY WTB SF3: 3RD Strike CPS3 Cartage only

I Recently purchased a CPS3 System with 3rd Strike of Ebay. The cartage’s plastic covering had been cut off around the area where the battery is. I purchased a new battery and put it in but the game will not boot up. I know it’s not the CPS3 itself because it also came with Jojo’s Venture and it booted fine. I realize that most 3rd Strike cart’s are sold with the system as it generates a better profit, but I only require a cartage. I would be willing to pay a little more then the cart’s worth if necessary, so please respond with any info you think would help in my situation.

You were supposed to replace the battery while the game was running, if the cartridge loses power for even a microsecond it will die as you’ve already found out the hard way. The cartridge is the most valuable piece of a SF3.3 kit and I wouldn’t expect to find any on the loose, except maybe the sucky Asian version. For your own sake do some research before performing maintenance on expensive arcade gear in the future.

that actually sounds easier than what these guys say to do

Well, it is only easy because someone (most likely MeanBean contracted by the kit’s original owner) had already gone to the trouble of fitting a battery holder to the cartridge. If one has to install the battery by way of soldering the method with a helper battery seems to be the most reliable, or at least so I’ve been told by people who perform these swaps regularly.

Dude… You pulled the battery without power going to it?:rolleyes: You just lost about $300-$500. There are a million kits with dead carts out there. No one is going to sell you just a cart unless you wanna shell out a small fortune. Sorry man. CPS3 is very sensitive and the carts (besides the Asian version) are hard to find.

Edit: Although on a positive note I think some cracked the CPS3 code so you may be able to your cart revived if you find the right person… Not sure though

looks like your gonna have to put it in a box until someone can finally revive it. otherwise, i’ll buy that lovely paperweight off your hands for $20.

There was some guy a while back who claimed that he could revive dead CPS3 cartridges…