destroy ken !!


all he do was

" taka tikina " <-- taunt

yeah , how the hell we gonna face average users abusing ken ??
i only beat a guy with alex+stungun , but got fucktup when using oro …

indeed that people using ken always has to …taunt ? bad capcom !

defensive ken is a problem , so as defensive akuma and ryu …

damn , all he do was air defence , i keep jumping in …

edit : what they mostly do …

rush sweep …
shoryu shoryu shoryu


parry in the air more often.

or just stop jumping.


haha I get sick of ken’s sa3

I feel like I’m going to have a fit everytime I hear that super.

ohwell ^^"



" shippu !! …hiag hiag hiag hiag hoot !! bbbb-ish "


" taka tikina "

what’s worse was his anti air is unpredictable


scrubby players always do random SAIII… less scrubby players do random > SAIII… piss me off =P like they gamble that you’ll poke and they suddenly use it



tsk tsk tonight , i owned ken players

what can i say ??

i say …" from average player turn to hopeless scrub "

whuy ?? …yesterday my Oro failed in the performance , now …


yeah …is SA1 , you heard that japanese players said that sa2 and sa3 rulz , tell ya’ sa1 rock …

i was playing single …then this fella thought he got confident and slot in some coin and pick ken …

what happen ??

round 1 … he use his basic lame defence , " huh !! SHORYUKEN !!"

so i stop using jumping , so i use poking strings … what happen in 20 seconds past … " HAIGHT!! " he got hit with my round house and stunned !! rush to him and activate sa1 and…punch …and there goes the rapid human pile driver …

and 1 thing . he was mashing the buttons and wiggling the joystick as though he was bangin’ teh machine …

and same thing with round 2 , but he got smarter …

2nd try …

at the pass 25 seconds …yes he is almost stunned and stunned again, why ?? he missed his sa3 , twice!! i guard it ! cuz his mind gaming fails ! he thought i’m gonna tap strong punch or strong kick , and i was crouching , so i gave him back with + human-pile driver and stunned !
again …activate sa1 …

on round 2 …as he was about to be dead , and cornered , he was down too, i activated sa1 and rushdown … heheh , , he guard and i tap …punch … and you know …

i owned many ken scrubs tonight , eeer march 7th , at night


are you hyper or something? i can’t make out anything that you’re saying…

or maybe it’s just cause i’m too drunk…


it was midnight when i posting it …i think you’re drunk …

so was daigo in in kyushu taikai tourney using ken in yellow costume ?? …that yellow ken was really fucktup …he’s good and cocky … lol …


does any1 here speak straight english?

edit: the dude, you play 3s and in singapore?match!! :slight_smile:


i speak basic and simple english …like all asians do …

yes ! in Bugis Junctiob…possibly saturday … beware of cheap shoto and chun scrubs .

and serious players has been really busy …

i would honor to …meet you


TIGHT!hey,how come i’ve never seen you around man?maybe u’ve seen me and this other dude playa ll day ala makoto vs urien all night ehhehe


God, you guys are in Singapore?

No offense, but DAMN, you guys are not good at 3S there…at all. I’m pretty decent in 3S, I was there last year, about 5 times, each time for about 3-4 days (so about 2 weeks in total), and I totally beat the crap out of all you guys…Every time I played, I had like 9 wins in a row, honestly.

You guys are really good at KOF (I used to be), but at 3S, not really. No offense.

Oh, btw I was playing at Emerald Orchard, that’s the only place I remember having 3S.


:confused: :confused: :confused:

i dunno about makoto VS urien …in where ? bugis …if bugis all i awlays see is ken scrubs …

i know an urien player over there , i fat chinese guy(brown skin) , i dunno his name , i used to be suck against him … he use urien , and he also play CVS2 …

OE … it is occasionally deserted …

endless : have you ever met any serious player before ?? well sf3 3s are mostly played by scrubs using ken …they can taunt at ya’ .
the serious players has been busy …

i’m still an average with alex,ryu,oro,yang,twelve …


What the…

I’m from S’pore too, and I know just about all the good players here. I didn’t know there were locals in this forum…

You’re playing at Bugis? When are you going down? I seldom play there, but since you called the players there scrubs, you must be pretty good… so let me know when you’re there, I’d like to play you.

Endless: Don’t diss all the players here just because you haven’t played the good ones…
It’s true there aren’t many people who play 3s here, but there are good players. Most of them moved on to other games…


If you’re looking at playing against CPU, Orchard Emerald is the place. I came there very often, and I am surprised that you had 9 games every time you played. When I was playing there, NO ONE challenged me, unless I made appointment with some locals in advance. If you’re looking at playing the best players, go to Bugis Junction and make appointments. Please note: AFAIK, most of the good players are not srk members. But from what I’ve heard, 3s at Bugis is pretty much dead lately. If you play CvS2, you’re very lucky. When I went there, there are so many people playing this game, lots of A-Bison, Sakura.


i’m gonna beat gill!!
i’m gonna beat gill!!
i’m gonna beat gill!!

ora ora ora ora !! …with Oro …


this wasnt japanese, but hell I found myself lots of new competition. where did all the 3s players go to?well since bugis is at central why not we meet there sometime, i’ve been ACHING to play some decent comp.

Endless: hey if ur coming down again do make it known, ima make ya eat your words! :stuck_out_tongue:


where’s that thread Yagami ??


Sure, if I come by again, I’ll play you all again.

There was only one time which I was playing the CPU at Emerald Orchard. All the other times, I joined in on a guy, then he lost, then his friend played me, then they alternated.

You guys are good at KOF, but i’m not familiar with the way your buttons are set up. It was hard to find 3S in Singapore, Emerald Orchard was the only place I saw it at.


Endless: well 3s competition here is quite scarce…but I guess maybe I was looking in the wrong places. I know most of the people who play at emerald. dont mean to boast, but when they headed down to bugis they got beat by me n my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey u in vancouver ryt?might drop by there this june.

thedude: yeah i know that fat dude who also plays cvs2. does he know u? im getting sick of playing him all the time! and wat thread u toking about?