destroy ken !!

I didn’t know they even had an arcade at Bugis, let alone 3S, lol

If you come to Vancouver earlier, or later than June, I’ll be in town, but June itself, I’ll probably be in Japan to visit a friend.

If you want good 3S competition, check out the Northwest: Matchmaking and Discussion forum, under the 604 British Columbia players thread. The best known arcade for good 3S competition is named Johnny Zee’s. The best guy here works at the arcade, his name is Alvin. He’s very good, but definitely not the best player I’ve played in my life…still better than me nevertheless.

Yo Yagami, I used to go down to OE quite frequently before, but I don’t recall playing with you. I know/played most of the people there…but now there aren’t any challengers.
Want to have a game sometime?

haha.ok im going down there tonite and on saturday nite.PM me.

Hey endless, i spoke with my friend at vancouver. He’s this filipino guy names Gino. he says Alvin’s also this filipino like us and that his bro’s tops at mvc2? anyways looking foreward to my trip!!

alright i’ll be there right evening

98530494 sms me wen ur der aye

Saturday then…I’m sure there’ll also be more players then.

saturday will be my birthday …

bash me up in 3s

ok i fought with this guy who won the singapore 3s turney a few years back. GODLY Hugo…walk up 720’s and shit. I asked him to come down on saturday night, i’m looking foreward to finally getting a good scene goin!

Wow…winner of a tourney? Hope I don’t get beat up too badly…heh…:smiley:

Do you know Tin? He’s the resident SF junkie…he taught me most of 3S…he parries like a psychic.

If you play CVS2, you must’ve played him MANY times…seems he’s there every week… :stuck_out_tongue:

:wasted: :wasted: :wasted:

Hey guys good games we had today. Hope this keeps up, i really think wer the “last breed” of 3s players left here in Singapore so if we stop playing, thats it 3s is dead here!

thedude: hey man i suggest that if u wanna get good at this game, go back to basics. Try to learn poking, spacing, mixups and good defence if u wanna win against us. Basic street fighter rules apply to 3s. :slight_smile:

Atomic wedjie: good games!u the guy using Dudley on steroids ryt? gj prrying that electric snake, I was “wowed” haha. I know u guys got jobs n stuff, hopefully we have time to play together again.

ok , yeah … i could practice if i had a PS or DC for 3s , damn my parry timing sucks … though i almost made it …

you guys got the sickest oro … i got to stop crouching …

and worse was i got air-counter by dudley and he ducksXXcork-screw …parry?

damn , that guy got a terrible ryu+denjin … and my yang was able to reach it …close

Hey Yagami…u were good man! Easily one of the best players in S’pore. :slight_smile: JH included…heh

Ah, my Dudley’s not that good…can only trick people for a few games…after that they wise up…:stuck_out_tongue:
And that parry was a fluke…lol

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully this will be a regular thing!
And you’re right…you, JH, Linz and I are probably the only ones who are regulars…:frowning:

was at the arcade this afternoon and YESS i beat Tin 8 games straight. And he was using his best charater all the time aka Ryu with SA3.

Anyways atomic wedjie : Il be there saturday again. I wanna fight that kickass dudley of yours!

so he is tin eh ? real name ?

I can’t make it today…paiseh…maybe next week?

If this goes on, I’ll get even rustier…now I play like 2-3 times a month… :frowning:
But I’ll sms u guys when I’m going down. Are you there only on Fri and Sat?

then got console at home and play ??

edit : i’ve been hearing lot’s of tournament in singapore is organized …
raven’s friend , kuniharu mention about this news in

well if ur goin down any other day, just sms me man!

A 3s turney here?wtf?if that happens il crap in my pants!

sadly is not…3rd strike is …Other “common” else …

man …i met tin tonight …
my oro with sa3 kick ass !..weird

waaah …cry got 1 very arrogant …intermidate ken user…:frowning:
my oro did lil’ performance … ken’s damge …is ouch i did not much , but cornered