Destroying the AEGIS REFLECTOR!



I was running a test the other day a a refresher since I haven’t been playing 3S for a couple of months now. Anyway I decided to see what moves can rid a chrc against that annoying aegis reflector that Urien has. So far I will say that ORO has the best method for destorying it.

1.OrO=Tengu stone Lv3:Basically do the Tengu Stone with both PP. After that all u have to do is punch or kick at the Aegis reflector and the objects will do it themselves. So all it takes is one punch or kick to destroy it after u perform lv3 tengu.

2.Ryu=Denjin Hadoken: as far as I know a Denjin charged at 3 seconds will damage the Aegis reflector but not destroy it and ya gotta do the rest with your fists or feet. A Fully charged 5 second dejin will destroy the reflector completely.

I’ll post up other chrc supers or techiniques to destroy aegis reflector later!


Hmm… activating an EX Tengu or firing a Denjin at an Aegis seems like a big waste to me.

Instead of destroying the Aegis Reflector, how about destroying his unblockables instead? So far, the kneedrop-in-the-corner unblockable has been nullified… see the unblockables thread.


Chun li can do the lightning kicks to “destroy” the aegis quite quickly.

Nullifying the kneedrop unblockable though…shit, I gotta see this.


It goes something like parry down, take knee hit, right? Or has a damage free escape been created?


The other thread mentions a damage-free way, but it involves crazy parrying. Personally, I’d be glad enough to take just the kneedrop instead of a big combo into another unblockable.


Well, if you’re just sticking to the DC version and you wanna get cheap with Gill, one Pyro/Cryokinesis (his projectile) will break the reflector.


When I do the unblockable on the DC version (no arcades around here) You can block it, although it’s still tricky to block. But most of my friends will just eat the knee drop to avoid being combo’d. Some supers will also beat the Aegis, but I think all have been covered in the Urien thread (Ryu’s SA2 and Chun SA2) If you want to just break it, then just about anything will as long as you hit it enough, though there’s really no point if you are not trapped in the corner. Just run away and make Urien come to you or you can just both stand there and watch the reflector


doesn’t punching it do something?


There are no unblockables on the DC version, capcom “fixed” it, so you could hold away from your opponent and still block everything, even if there is an aegis on the other side.