Destruction desire

just came across this last night. Has anyone else played it? Seems to be fun to mess around with, and 10x better than any of the sprite ripping mugen stuff out. This was made with fighter maker2k. The animation is good, and the engine seems to resemble GG. anyway heres the link if you wanna try it out

oh, btw, my pc pad is borked so dont flame if it sucks. just got a general feeling from using a keyboard :confused:

A few guys at Herv managed to get the game running. You need your comp to run on japanese mode so that the OS can read the filenames, because they’re in japanese characters. I thought I did this and yet it still didn’t work for me, so I have gave up. Chances anyway are that the game is broken as hell like all fighter maker games.

hrmm, got it runnin here on XP with no japanese characters installed. guess i got lucky. Yeah, i figured it would be broken, but thought it was cool that they actually drew their own sprites and put some real time into it, rather than using ripped sprites and giving guile a shoryuken :slight_smile:

Dual Blades.

Seantree, aren’t you a hervert? If so, you don’t count. :smiley:

Forgot Dual Blades. It ain’t playing it unless I get the PAL version.

Edit: Screw that site, too much bs to d/l it.

yea the survey was a pain but I DL it anyways, the game is pretty much like a GG clone though the characters are slighty different. The game does seem like it has some broke stuff on it, but it can be fun as well. I hate that you can’t really airdash like in GG but you can do like a Roman Cancel airdash type thing. If anyone wants it just IM me up on AIM and I’ll send it over. I can also do like a yousent it link if you guys prefer that instead, the game is only 20 mb so its not that big. Take care.

Yes, if you could be a sport and do that it would nice. I’m lost with d/l this.

You got it run without japanese mode? I tried it without JPN on and it didn’t work. I tried with JPN mode and I still get the same error: GameDemo Open error, but now that gibberish beside it is in japanese kana. sigh

What OS are you guys own?

I got it working fine for me on Windows XP, no language packs installed either I just click on the exe file once I extracted them from the zip. Here is a mega upload link for anyone else that wants to check out the game:

Take care.

Well, thanks to me following your advise, I extracted it again and now the filenames are in kana. I don’t care how it worked now, at least it does. Thanks again.

Maybe it’s something to do with it being on his computer before he uploaded it. I don’t know, thanks for the hook up, I’ll give it a whirl.

Ninja: 20mb? It’s only 7.14mb on the d/l. Ninja2: Woh, I don’t know what the fuck I’ve downloaded, but it’s certainly not the game. Eh? So why the fuck did it link me to this site? BeInSync or some shit.

Edit: It’s a lot better than I expected, I’m suprised it actually runs on my pc.

umm, perhaps i’m out of the loop but wtf is a hervert? BTW, is dual blades any good? Just looked it up after seeing the title posted here and it looks decent for a gba fighter

Damn, Arenet has the best cross-up going. The engine is pretty interesting. I’m using a PS2 pad so this is based off that. Triangle is light, O is medium and X is heavy. You can chain them together like in GG. Square is some kind of move that boosts your attacks, you can retun them to normal by pressing it again. It seems to be elemntal based, well, with Arenet anyways. One setting is ice and the other is fire.

I can’t quite figure out the airdash/roman cancel aspect of square, but by pressing it in the air you get a dash and by pressing it on the ground with forward you also get the same effect. Your super gague seems to build and once the bar is full you gain a level. It’s pretty simple really, the more levels, the longer and more powerful your super is. Oh, supers seem to simply be R2.

I’m gona do a bit mre experimenting with this, it’s pretty fun. I’ll post up more as I discover it. For now here’s a combo with Arenet I’ve got, nothing much but it’s better than nothing.

Heavy cross-up, light, medium, heavy (launcher), jump, light, heavy dp+heavy.

I thought too that that would be the case, but I got the same error before it started to work.

I don’t know Seantree…I remember your name, and the only place I’ve heard people talk about DD is at herv, so I assumed you’ve been there before. Hervert is just what they call their members…so yeah, either I saw you over there or you use to post in the 3s boards over here a few years ago. Whatever though…

cool. was just wondering. thought i may have missed something. Still havent gotten my pad to work so i’ll have to wait a bit to play around with this title. seems like there is some fun to be had with it.

Yeah, I can’t get it working on pad through the game. You should try using a program called joytokey. That should get it to work hopefully.

Theres in reality 4 buttons for this game but they let you put 6 even though there are really 5 max you can set. The super button is actually A + B + C so its a macro shortcut for it, but since I use a stick on this I do it GG/SNK button style layout. I’m more used to it that way, I noticed that Roman Cancel move is different for everyone in the air and ground. Though the air one seems to always give you a dash no matter who does it. So far I’m diggin the Sol clone but everyone had something interesting as for as combo setups and things like that. His command grab into his max super is nice :), it takes like 90% damage or something like that. I found that supers keep going even if you miss the opponent with everyone, pretty much like GG. If I find anything else interesting I’ll post it up here, take care.

I found an infinite with the Ky looking chick, she has to be in the fire form or what ever it’s called when you Roman Cancel. She goes from Ice to Fire everytime to Roman Cancel, but her fire version seems better. It goes A, B, C once C finishes the flame, dash in and repeat, soon as you hear the flame is when I dash in to continue the combo. I’m sure there are other ones to be found ha, just letting you guys know take care.

Okay, for those of you who haven’t actually tried the game, this is what it’s about. The attack titles I have given here are all products of my imagination and may not reflect those of the origional creator. This is also modeled around the character Arenet, so some things might varey as I haven’t looked into all the characters properly.

It is a 2D fighting game created very simlar to those of Sammy (or Arc System Works). From title screen you have 2 options, Survival and vs/Training. To use training mode you simply select the training icon for player 2. You have 5 characters, Barns, a Sol Badguy type character. Misty, a sexy magician. Wif, some little old guy. Arenet, an elemental swordswoman and Lister, a man with control of the dead. Each character has their own play styles and special abilitys unique to each character.

This fighter is like other fighters, where you build meter and collect stocks. Although this fighter is quite like none other. You have a circular panel where your stocks are displayed and a meter undernieth. You can collect a total of 8 outer stocks and one inner stock, from the start of the round you begin with 3 outer. I’m uncertain to the use of the centre stock, but I’m in the process of finding out. I’m also uncertain as to how you build stock. It seems to be by using specials and getting hit, but I can’t be sure as when I test it it seems pretty random.

You have 4 main attack buttons, Punch, Slash, Heavy Slash and Speacial. The normal attacks can be chained together much like Guilty Gear, so familiar players shouldn’t have a hard time adjusting to the game. The Special command is the unique part of this game, it controls all of the wierd cancel abilitys, supers and other little nit bits that makes this game unique. Using anything with this attack button expends one stock. You also have back dash and run. I’ll list the aspects of the Special abilitys.

Roman Cancel
There is nothing else you could call this as the first main obvious aspect of the Special Ability is it’s a straight forward cancel. Used in exactly the same way as Guilty Gear, it makes extending combos a breeze.

Boost Cancel
By pressing forward while activating the Special button your character Boosts and advances forward with lightening speed, followed by trails of super shadows. This is a Cancel. You also get the same effect while you press the Special button airborn. There seem to be two variations, from a far distance your character will dash very, very fast. You can hold the far boost by holding forward and release when you want to stop. The other which seems to only happen close up is like a leap, which can either cross your oponent up while you attack, or advance you forward in the air if your oponent goes airborn during a combo. These are the main uses I’ve found for it so far. Of course, while you’re boosting you’re also Roman Canceling.

Back Dash Attack
If you press the Special Button during a back dash you get a unique special attack. These will probably be unique to each character, although I’m uncertain if they are universal. My guess is they are, but you never know.

Far Boost Attack
If you Boost for a far enough distance and attack the oponent with Heavy Slash you will do a unique special attack. This is the same for the above.

Unique Ability
Each character has their own unique ability that no other character has. Barns has a defensive attack that bounces the enemy away, you can follow up in the air. Mistys has spells, they’re simply her supers, but are just as good. Sorry I don’t know what Wifs does, all I know is ghost animals help him out as his super. Arenet has two different styles, or elements, fire and ice. She has slightly different move sets for each element and they have different damage properties. She makes for excelent combos. And finaly Lister raises skeletons from the dead. They seem to just swarm the enemy, there’s bound to be some intersting stuff, looks like there’s unblockables, I haven’t experimented much though.

Everyone seems to have supers except for Lister, I can’t figure out the command for it. They’re activated in simple ways, qcf+sp, dp+sp, or simply directions and Special. Here’s some screens of some supers.

The characters also have Overdrive attacks, which uses all of your stocks and blows it all on one super combo. Basically the more stocks you have, the longer and more powerful the Overdrive attack is. You activate them by pressing Punch, Slash and Heavy Slash together.

The combo’s you can create with these laws are immense, here’s an example of what I mean, it’s the craziest I’ve discovered so far.

Arenet starting in fire mode

p, s, hs (2 hit)(RC)(Cancel to Ice), p, s, hs (1 hit), close boost, j.p, j.s, j.hs(Cross-Up), s.p, s.s, s.hs (1 hit) xx qcb+sp (land), (Cancel to Fire), dp+sp.

Due to the unpredictability of the game and Boost it’s pretty hard to get concistantly, but the Boost > Cross-Up is possible. Honestly, it’s the best Cross-Up in any game going. You could even Cancel back to Fire at many moments during that combo to restart the chain, so basically it is an Ice/Fire Boost Cancel Cross-Up Loop:rofl: Nahh, god knows what it is, but it’s pretty awsome, it’s 19 hit and does about 35%-40% damage. The reason I cancel to fire at the end is because the Fire super does more damage, you could use the Ice one if you wanted. Hell you could even use the Overdrive. Here’s a couple more combos I can get concistantly.

p, s, hs (2 hit)(RC)(Cancel to Ice), p, s, hs (2 hit), j.p, j.hs xx dp+sp

p, s, hs (2 hit)(RC)(Cancel to Ice), p, s, hs (1 hit) xx qcb+sp, land (Cancel to Ice), dp+sp

Edit: Here’s the loop.

p, s, hs (2 hit)(RC)(Cancel to Ice), p, s, hs (1 hit), close boost, j.p, j.s, j.hs(Cross-Up), (Cancel to Fire), repeat.

For a little project, this game REALLY is this good. When I’m playing it it feels like I’m beta testing a Sammy game or something, it’s a lot of fun. To be honest I wouldn’t be suprised if we’ll be playing it in the arcades within a few years.

nice post. wiring up a usb plug for my xbox controller right now so i can actually play this. been wanting to play since i found it but the keyboard just doesn’t cut it :confused: