Det tournament 1-29-11 Proveitbro and Youthville Detroit 3


It’s time again for for another go, this will be my third event at youthville. The first two went very well and I 'm looking foward to this one.

7375 Woodward Ave
Detroit MI 48202
313 309 1300

PS3 Wii

Superstreet fighter 4

Tekken 6

SuperSmashBrothers Brawl

Blaze Blue

2 of 3 ( 3 of 5 finals)
Double elim
$10 per game
$5 venue fee
4pm start


Contact: Detroit 313 309 1300/Facebook,Dayhun Park


I’ll try and be there. And ill spread the word. Will fight sticks be available or is it bring your own? Cause I only have a xbox360 one


You do need to bring your own because the extra ones i have arent that good.


Hmm ok np



Should have a return of most of the people that came last time. you can see it on facebook/dayhun park.



It’s getting close.:wgrin: