Detachable USB Cord Mod for EightArc Fusion?

Hi all,

I’m sure it’s possible to mod the Eight Arc Fusion to have a detachable USB cord. Can someone way smarter and cooler than me link the parts I need and explain how?

Doing kind of an overhaul on my stick, adding custom artwork, changing buttons and the balltop, and even getting the new Brook PCB, so might as well go all out and add a detachable cord if I can. Always wanted one :smiley:

Thanks for the help!

  • Find empty spot in casing
  • Drill 24mm hole
  • Mount Neutrik NAUSB pass-through
  • Connect PCB to a USB-A end of a cable, and connect to the inside of the Neutrik
  • Get standard USB A-B cable and connect to the exterior of your casing

You’re a legend! Thank you for the help!!!