Detailed plan for the basic wood structure of a stick?

i’m looking for a step by step plan to create the basic woodwork structure for a stick. i’ve used the search function and cant seem to find anything as such.

i’ve tried timoe’s thread but there isnt enough info there.

im not building it myself, i’d prefer to give it to someone else with woodworking experience to do it for me.

i need something like this:

preferably in english, with size measurements and a description of the materials used.

Kowal is bomb. I think you have what you need there already. You can take that to someone who knows woodworking and explain what you are after, they will be able to hook you up with Kowal’s diagrams.

Loads of info, including what you’re looking for.

i’ll try that.

I know somone who’s poficient in woodwork. How much should i expect to pay for the materials and how much should i pay him to do the work?


nice, that website is so bookmarked.

i’m not pad hacking i’m using parts of a ps1 hori stick which should be a lot easier but i’m having problems changing the original buttons to leaf switches, how am i supposed to do this?

What parts are you using from the ps1 hori stick? The buttons? Forget the buttons on that ps1 hori. Buy Sanwa buttons. You can put .110 quick disconnects on them.

To be honest, I don’t know what leaf switches are… and after some googling it doesn’t seem like those are meant for japanese buttons.

P.S. Thats not my site… its slagcoins. He is awesome.

they’re not. leafs are old school. i can easily convert micro-switch buttons to leafs but i’m not familiar with these hori buttons.

you think i’ll be better off modding a SF Anniversary stick?