Details on HD Remix patch announced


The details for an upcoming patch for HD Remix has been announced on the Capcom Unity Blog and can also be found in summary form on 1UP. It looks like we’re getting patched after all, folks.

Specific problems to be addressed include (verbatim from Capcom itself)

[] After a number of games, the HUD will be corrupt. Yellow lifebars will freeze, the round counter flags will all be on, and the names will show more than one name. (Both)
] Frequent disconnects during VS transition screen. Often caused by selecting START color of character. (Both)
[] Title crashes if user has a large friends list and tries to access the friends list (PS3)
] Rating being set to “0” and from then on, rating remains at “0”. Once that patch goes live, we’ll reset all leaderboards/scoreboards. (Both)
[] Vega sometimes causing desyncing, especially when using the fake wall dive. (Both).
] Lobby list containing full rooms instead of only rooms that users can enter. (Both).
[] Zangief Super Motion not working on both sides and in both directions.
] During the start of the match, there is slight slowdown. This has been minimized as much as possible. (PS3).
[] If connecting to a ranked match through the quick match function, it is best out of 3 rather than best out of 5. It should always be best out of 5.(Both)
] Sending messages via XMB during a game causes a freeze. (PS3)
[] Players not added to “Players Met” list.** (PS3)**
] Analog and D-pad can accept input at the same time. (Both)
[*] Player stats not reporting correctly.

The patch is slated for release in ‘a few weeks’.

thank you kind sir

thanks :woot:

haha no honda or akuma nerfs

Cause Honda doesn’t need one?

Just bait the Jab headbutt.

very nice. i knew zangeif’s super had problems. thank god it wasnt just my scrubby ass.

Who cares anymore?

I care.

Me too.

I care a weee bit. Just a tad.

I had no idea that HDR was so buggy. I’ve never encountered these problems before.

When you play HDR for over 9000 hours like some of us have, you’d have hit many errors, 99% of which are going to be fixed according to OP.

Vega drops were the worst for me, since I mained Vega on II’HF and HDR. Hated being the one to blame for a good game crashing just 'cause I wanted to play my main. =(

Finally. I can’t wait for this patch. I’ll go back to HDR once the patch is out and see how things go.

haha sure


Honda: NO! BU HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA continues to sit on stored oicho

oh and best of 5 for quick ranked is lame as hell

Cute with the patch and all, but these things should have been taken care of before they sold the game. What kinda bullshit is this? “Hey guys buy our un-tested bug filled piece of shit and in 6 months will fix the issues for you.” What kind of business plan is this? Fuck this shit.

But hey, at least they’re patching it instead of leaving it like the piece of shit it is now.

Welcome to the present, where almost every game has to be patched after release. Game had problems but still had better netcode than 99% of the other games out there.

Haha, they’ve already been discussing it in the SFHD subforum, and I didn’t think anyone outside of there would still care.

I’m pretty stoked about it! :smile:

I do. I’d rather play HD Remix than SF4.

tap glitch still in woot