Details or info as to why philith was arrested at evo?

Where is he now? was it fight, if so when? and with whom? whos got the scoop?

nothing really happend…he was at calpoly the next day

was he the one with the other guy that was drunk and fucking with the guy in the wheelchair?

I know nothing about this but it already sounds too funny:lol:

The black guy in the wheelchair? I think his name was Xavier. Ah man. :frowning: He’s hella cool. I spent a few moments to talk to him. I don’t see why they’d do such a thing.

Ahhh SRK people, you’re all class.

fucking with a guy in a wheel chair what bitches they are

yea i really hope it wasnt him they were messing with, cuz i was hanging out in his hotel room for a bit and he and his roomates (from England) were really cool and nice… even though they were tekken players :stuck_out_tongue: !

Wasn’t Philith arrested for gambling or something? Or was that somebody else?

he wasnt messing with a guy in a wheelchair he was slapping some fat guy

Indeed! Xavier rocked untold amounts of socks. I don’t think anyone was more excited about Evo than he was.

Oh, man rumors so funny, no he didn’t get arrested he just almost got into a fight, Dios you know my sn me tells you there.

Why does everyone spell Philth’s name Philith?

WHy not just post it?