Deteriorating skills

iono if im the only person this is happening to, but my skills have dramatically dwindled in the last 2 weeks. i have made no changes in my playing habits as far as how often i play goes (about 2 hours a day). the only change ive made to my play style is doing a bit more pressure with akuma’s cr. mp. nothing major.

ive been losing to people i normally beat online. ive been losing to noobs consistantly. the only matchup i have improved in is against hakan after some match up research.

many times i lose because of execution errors made from lag, mostly my teleport not coming out in time on wakeup. when i first started playing ssf4, it seemed as though execution was much easier online as opposed to vs, but i feel the opposite recently.this led me to believe it was cuz of lag, but im not sure its any worse than how it was before.

has this happened to anyone before? what are your theories on why this is happening?
sorry, i know some of this stuff is character specific, but i wanted everyone’s opinion. thanks

Maybe you’re just having a bad past couple of weeks. Sometimes my execution sucks for a few hours and then I’m back to pwnage mode.

See what happens when you stop trying to add pressure into your gameplan with

I suck at this game, but in games that I’m really good at trying out something new can make me perform worse overall because I’m looking for ways to use whatever new thing I’m trying instead of doing what has worked for me in the past. When I stop trying to focus on the new tactic and go back to autopilot my performance immediately goes back to normal.

Take a break from the game and comeback. Trust me, it will do you some good.

Truth be told, what I tend to find is that after playing a certain character for a long time I get a bit ‘burned out’ and start to under-perform.

I think its mostly because I start to over think things and attempt combos and other techs I learned when it isn’t too practical. What usually helps me is just to focus on another character that plays a bit differently. Things come back to you a bit more naturally…

In my experience at least.

If you lost from something other than lag, then it was your own fault. Master your combos, even if it takes hours or days in training mode. It will all pay off in the end. When you lose, don’t just play again without thinking. Think about how you lost, and how you can prevent your next match from losing the same way. Learn mind games, don’t be so predictable, don’t show patterns, a better player will learn from what you do and beat you every time if you don’t mix things up. Same goes for you, analyze situations. Seek weaknesses from your foe and answer them accordingly.

I know these are basic skills and such, but a lot of the time people forget about these things and end up losing. People just play without thinking and don’t get better and start losing motivation. You should always think about a loss, don’t just forget about it and play again.

I’ve been having a bad few weeks

I don’t even feel confortable with my links anymore. These are links I never missed before.
I go into training mode and start practicing them again and it’s like I’ve never done them before.
Even things like cancels are hard all of a sudden.

I don’t know what happened.

Try to learn a mew character, then comeback to your main and it should re-juvenate your skills. At least that works for me when I end up in a slump.

If you’re like me, maybe you need to eat something.

my question was what it is that i may be doing thats causing this, not whose fault it is. ill readily admit that its my fault, which is why im not blaming anyone but myself (besides the lag sometimes). i do practice mode for about 20-30 minutes before.

i think one of the reasons why ive been losing is BC i try to counter the opponents play style. for example, if im fighting ken and he keeps doing cross up shorts, ill put too much of my attention on doing cr. hp against it. again, this is my own fault, but this is something that ive been doing wen i was winning most of the time too. I do rush into the next round without thinking sometimes too.

my point is, i havent really been doing anything different from when i was winning more than half my matches compared to now. im not really asking for advice on how to get better, but i just wanted to know if something similar happened to anyone and how they remedied it. so its more like how do i get back to where i should be, not how do i go beyond that.

thanks everyone for your response. I think its a little bit of what everyone has said. ive been hesitant on picking a new character bc the learning curve for this game is freakin ridiculous, but ill try it anyways and get my ass kicked for a while. and ill make sure to keep a loaf of bread near my tv so i wont get hungry.

Okay fine, but if are wondering how you are losing but you used to win before, then its not something that “just happens”. And I don’t know how taking a break for a long period of time is going to help. Maybe like taking a 1 day break from the game if you’ve been playing like 8 hours straight… But if you just start losing more often then normal, its because you have your own flaws, or maybe the people you are playing are just better than your usual foes.

Its not hard to figure out what you are doing wrong. Just pay close attention to how you take damage. You said you are always trying to AA a ken with c.hp. You can’t always AA and sometimes you gotta block. So there we go, we are on our 1st step to getting better, rather than getting worse.

There was a time were I felt like I was getting worse once, it was pretty bad that I just wanted to quit. But I just endured getting frequent losses and through time I got through this phase and it has made me a better player. (I still think I suck though D:)

I have the same thing, and coincidentally, i play akuma too. I feel like i zone better now but that has come at the cost of my execution. It’s like I’m looking at much more stuff now than just my character on the screen and it feels like I can’t concentrate enough to also have good execution with it. I’m hoping it’ll change later on.

Go and play Ryu a bit to work on your zoning, and Guile / Balrog to work on your defense. That’s what I usually do when I get burnt out playing Akuma