Detroit FGC highlighted in newspaper article


I wasn’t sure if this exactly qualifies as FG Discussion material, but in my day job as a journalist, I wrote an article about the Metro Detroit FGC. Certainly it’s not on the scale of the coasts, but it was definitely a fun read, and I think folks on SRK would appreciate it!
It can be found at The World Warriors.


Sees Detroit mentioned

Are all of these guys still alive?


Good to see you guys still have electricity.


I kid, I kid. Nice article, covers all the bases people would need to know about this little group.


Of course they are still alive!

Surviving in the face of annihilative economic adversity is real nigga shit. I’m pretty sure the top two most important parts of being a real nigga are:

  1. to not cry after money matches
  2. to not keel over and die even if the going gets tough.

Their city is literally crumbling around them and they are still throwing tournaments. Shishioh I know that you respect this because you are an anime player.


In case you haven’t noticed, we actually made a post about this on the front page.


That’s true for any scene outside of the Capcom/Namco games though. To wasteland game players(I don’t call them anime games), you’re literally just sitting around, waiting for someone to play just so you can do a 100% combo to them and then turn around and try to teach them how you were able to do it.

It’s tough when you want more out of your fighting games but your community won’t allow you to.

But somehow, in the bleakest and most shitty of areas, there’s this crew. They rightfully should be showcased for the mere fact that they are still alive and haven’t been robbed of the thousands of dollars worth of equipment let alone the fact that they are striving to get better at whatever they play.


I appreciate it! Definitely like to be able give them a bit of a spotlight - I’ve fallen out of the scene for a variety of reasons myself, but it’s the least I can do.


Awesome work man


thanks for the article, as a foreign SRK lurker, it’s always nice to read more about USA FGC.