Detroit goes bankrupt - $18.5 billion in debt

Well now.

The city really is doomed.

Hope they quarantine Detroit so they don’t escape to other parts of Michigan/

Doesn’t @goodm0urning live there?

the city is dead, let nature takes its course

They can’t afford Robocop now. A shame

That’s a terrible idea. Has Michigan taken control of the city yet? And if so, can’t the feds do that? A city of that size falling apart like this is awful not only for the town but for the state. This means the state will probably have to back the bonds of Detroit because if they don’t and no one takes care of that, city bonds are no longer guaranteed and that’ll scare away investors. That’ll cut the flow of much-needed money for other cities if they ever come close to the warning signs of Detroit.

But that’s just one of the worries. I haven’t even talked about the people you’ve suddenly plunged into poverty because their property is now worthless and the displacement of nearly 1 million residents.

Man I just bought Robocop 2 the other day! The makers of the film knew. They knew!

…who are you and why are you using raz0r’s account?

Yeah, this is bad all around for the entire state. With things this bad, no one’s going to be looking to develop anything in Detroit. That’s the problem, things can’t improve until companies start to invest there, but no company will invest until things start to improve. Someone needs to take a chance.

@goodm0urning if the message wasn’t clear enough:

its so cold in the D

I do not live in Detroit and never have.

There is more than one city in Michigan. I live in one of the ones that isn’t a pile of gnawed bones left behind by the roving locust swarm of unchecked capitalism.

Also, Detroit is not a state.

they can always get into the grape juice business.

Why couldn’t it be Florida first?

google needs to stop fucking around buy Detroit.

Lions gonna have to sell their prized Megatron figure for some much needed cash.

Time to play Monopoly and start buying up land up there…

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Yeah, when I drop the troll costume I actually, you know, work as a journalist and in marketing.

Just let him patrol the streets i say.

Detroit is a state? Sounds like you’re a product of their education system.

I thought about doing the same thing. Then maybe my great great grandkids could strike it rich when Detroit finally turns it around. :bluu: