Detroit homes: some are a dollar

I wouldnt pay a dollar for a MANSION in Detriot.

Damn Detroit really that bad now? At this rate the city of Detroit is about to be extinct.

haha i dont give a fuck where it is,
detroit has a bad name but it couldn be that bad,
americans always thing there bad areas are so much worse,… wrong.!!!

give me a dollar house once your inside it does matter where the fuck you are!

I wouldn’t say that Detroit is going to be extinct… It may take our lifetimes but the city could come back in fashion. The state just needs a diversified economy and that takes time. I wish we were into robotics and electronics manufacturing but all that shit is in the eastern half of the world. Hmmm.

Houses being sold for 5k = We getting money in Detroit… If you ain’t eating then it’s tough titty…


I’d buy that for a dollar!

If you had a job that doesn’t matter where you’re located at you should jump on this. As long as you yourself are ready to get jumped.

Reminder that cardboard boxes are harshly overpriced

Damn you fallingEdge. I knew someone would beat me to it. :tup:


I’d rather buy a house in Hell than Detroit:looney:

I still wouldnt buy one. Rasheed Wallace hates Detroit now too.

Maybe I can buy a bunch of houses and turn it into a gated community. :lol:

Hell, maybe rent it out for any studios that want to shoot a zombie movie.

Yeah i was thinking the same thing…Crackheads can be free extras

I might buy a house there just to say I own a house. Maybe buy a couple and be like yea I own 7 houses.

I would pay $1 for the Lions.

Not really worth it, not unless it comes with a Barry Sanders jersey!

Well, at least you can get their stadium for 500k. :rofl:

I’m so damn glad most of my family moved out of Detroit. My aunt still lives there and everyday I tell her to move here.

What’s going with cities run by liberals (the same group that now is in charge of running america)? They can’t keep shit going right to save their lives.