Detroit MI Tournament 8-14-10 SSF4,T6,SC4, and SSBB


Downtown Detroit tournament SSF4,T6,SC4, and SSBB. At 7375 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202. $10 per game, Reg will begin 12 noon. Cash prizes for 1,2,3. For rules and more info go to or email me at

Thank you


If you want people to go to this, you should probably post sign-up times, venue fees, tournament start times, and the location. You should also advertise it in regional threads close to Detroit and you might want to talk to AaronS, who is the tournament organiser for the MI RanBats, about not having a conflicting schedule.


Thank you for the info, how do i get in touch with AaronS?


I got in touch with Aaron thank you.


We just added Narut ninja storm(PS3) and the card games Naruto, Yugioh, and Magic.


14th? Hmmm, I’ll see if me and a couple friends can roll out to this.


Blaze Blue

What ya’ll think of haveing Blaze blue.


How was the competition last tournament. Did any other srkers attend? I’m thinking about going to this.


last years tounrnament

It was just local people last year but I should see some new faces this time.


Dayhun: I have a question about the tournament. What consoles are these games being run on? I think this is gonna be pretty important so that people will bring console specific controllers. As for me, I’m hoping that T6 will be on PS3, but if it’s not, then I will have to bring my Xbox stick instead. I’m not eager to bring two sticks when I only need one.

Jdub03: Just come and support the scene. :slight_smile:

Cobra: You need to come, esp. for the times you missed your online sessions with me. tsk tsk


He told me that it would be both. Guess we’ll be sharing sticks.

Anyways I’ll be there.



PS3 and 360 for T6, But I will have sticks for PS3 but controllers for 360


What about street fighter. Will that be played on 360 or ps3.


Interesting… hope the TVs won’t have any lag issues.


I’ll be showing up as well. Me and my bro actually.