Deuces Are Wild! Chicago, IL 3/20/2010 -Canceled-


Canceled! :slight_smile:


Yo ill be there! hopefully me+team RTSD+ownage will show and own some cats in TvC and sf4, both imma win. maybe lloyd will win the MB tourney he;s better than me i guess?


Yeah, sure. Why not? I haven’t play any fighting games in a while besides MvC2, but I guess I can come to this.


I do apologize… I copied your tourney into my post…Please except my apologies… no disrecpect…


No need to apologize. I really dont care. is just Necrosis and Jmoney like messing with each other so it was expected.

I personally have no problem with it.


Would green be appreciated? :E


Updated Main Post with Tournament Rules! :slight_smile:


i seen those rules before…

…somewhere. :razz:


I know, I modified some of those as well.

I try to make them as readable as possible and as short and direct. No need for full blown essays for rules… coughireadyourbrawlrulesalotcough


Tournament is canceled, lack of interest. Hopefully everyone has a fun weekend either way. Either with friends or at Dead’s! :slight_smile: