Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Couldn’t find a thread on this


Im a huge Deus Ex fan, so when I heard about this I was really excited. The leaked gameplay footage has already been taken of YouTube but it looked great

Damn there was leaked footage? Wish I saw that.

The trailer looked absolutely amazing, definite purchase for me. Can’t wait to turn my hand into a face spinning / crusher.

While I am excited, after Invicible War I think ill hold off until there are reviews/fan reactions before purchasing.

I have some interest in it but do not know anything about the series itself.

How does this thread have so few posts? Game is about to come out in a few weeks! So hype for this game. Looks like a proper Deus Ex sequel.


I always heard about the series from my friends. I never did get a chance to play them. This one looks quite good, but I’ll wait to hear the final verdict first.

This one looks better than 2 but not nearly as good as 1. It’s consolized to hell.

Game sites have given the game positive reviews-

Nothing is ever gonna touch the first game, it’s too complex. You can’t make a game like that anymore in this market. But I’m pretty certain this will beat the pants off Invisible War. I’m gonna Gamefly it, but I probably wind up buying it anyway.

I was just about to make a thread for this. I really have no doubts at this point that it will be one of the best games in years.

And to those of you that haven’t played the first one, FUCKING PLAY IT NOW!!!

They won’t like it.
It’s not straightforward enough and it has no radar.

and no regenerating health.

I’m really excited for this, I think it looks really really cool. Everything about it has me looking forward to playing it.

Looks good.

Well I was going to mention that, but with an upgraded Regeneration aug + plenty of repair-bots to heal up your bio-energy and bio-cells being pretty plentiful, I almost felt like I had regenerating health haha

I hope this is even half as good as the original, though I do have a gripe about the series in general.


If you’re going to make split paths depending on your choices, make it so that it’s relevant to the ending itself. I get pissed off every time I end up playing a game where the last decision near the end of the game ends up determining the end. It basically invalidates everything I’ve done before hand and all it ends up being is just searching for different routes just to get to the end.

Picking this up, I need something new.

Dammit. I was all set to get into this game, then they announce that they’re pushing the release back 3 hours.

DAMN you guys

3 hours? What the hell is that? Are you talking about on Steam? If thats the case that fuckin’ sucks. I was looking forward to playing it for a bit tonight before I went to sleep. Well, if you’re on the east coast then it really wont matter to me.

Anyhow, im lookin’ forward to this game. I have never played the first game or the second though I do have both on my pc. I started to play the first one a few weeks ago but, alas, im a shallow gamer and it just looked to ugly for me to continue.