Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Thread


The game drops next Tuesday. It would be good to have a thread to discuss character builds, choice paths, hidden secrets, DLC and all the good stuff. I’ve pre-purchase the PC version on Green Man. Just like in Human Revolution I’m going to start with a Stealth build and go for a pacifist run.

Launch trailer


If it’s anything like HR, then stealth is going to be the by far most interesting way to play the game.


I am looking forward to this game…and I will play it eventually…but I am going to wait to make sure the PC port isn’t terrible.
Or the game itself isn’t terrible, I guess. While the choose-your-dlc debacle didn’t bother me that much…it kind of shook my faith in it.
Plus Human Revolution goes on sale pretty regularity…this will probably appear 30-50% off around Christmas.


The launch is tomorrow. I have the game pre-loaded on my PC ready to go. I’m hoping it unlocks some time tonight.


I’m gettin it. I didn’t play DE:HR until well after release but I really liked it, so I’m all on board


DE is one of the GOAT franchises and you can never have enough cyberpunk…still waiting until Dat steam Christmas sale and my backlog is too big anyways lol.

Curious to see how useful the new augs are and if the plot will be as dense and thought provoking as HR because IIRC this game will come close to the time of the original DE.


I really hope there’s a better balance so that one’s not overtly punished from going one route over the other.
Maybe some bad guys need the fear of God put into them, where otherwise just sneaking through shit will call you out for being a cyber-puss, and boss fight you anyway.


Yea I am really hoping multiple build options is a thing this time. Ive tried doing multiple offense builds in HR and its just not doable. Ammo doesnt sit in large enough stacks in your inventory for you to be able to sustain a prolonged assault campain, you cant carry enough guns and grenades to cover gaps in your offense, and the offensive Augments are all pretty crap. You also get shir for exp for playing that way, you are far better rewarded by the system for going stealth. Still fucking love HR but heres hoping Mankind Divided does a better job of giving you build diversity.


I’m hopeful game’s going to be good regardless.
So far no review embargo, so those who have played and reviewed it early are reporting back game is just as badass as Human Revolution, maybe even moreso.


I read the boss fights were outsourced to a different dev to get the game released on schedule. It would go a long way in explaining why there weren’t multiple ways to beat bosses.


They where outsourced. The Devs went back and redid them for the Directors Cut release and you now have multiple options for them.


Yeah. HR’s main complaint was that if you did go stealth route, the bosses would usually brutalize the fuck outta you because they were straight-up combat (unless you knew ahead of time on redoing that playthrough, and prepped accordingly JUST for them).

Director’s Cut rectified it. A bit.

Now you can hide and run around additional areas in the boss arena if you have a stealth hacking build, unleashing turrets and the like on them instead of fighting directly. Funny how a turret can kill a boss waaay faster than you personally can.

…Sucks they fixed the Namir glass jaw glitch in DC.


Apparently in this game you will have a sort of skill point pool, so you even if you have everything unlocked, you won’t be able to equip everything at once, so it seems like “builds” will be a thing, though whether you can just change it at any time I don’t know.

Still, I’m fine with that, sounds good. Anything that promotes smart decisions and consideration is good IMO


The thing I didn’t like about human revolution’s skill system was that a few skills (like hacking) were universally useful throughout the entirety of the game, while others had very narrow applications and some didn’t seem useful AT ALL. It felt like there was an “optimal” build, where you would simply get the skill before you happened to need it. In itself I don’t think it is such a bad thing, but the game does tend to reward you for a non lethal playstyles anyway, so it can feel like you are being shoehorned into a specific build.


I know what you mean. I remember getting the wall punching Aug in HR and there wasn’t much use for it. Might find the odd shortcut or resource stash but it was largely useless. The goes for the Aug that cushions landings. I swear that’s only good in Hong Kong so you won’t have to bother using stairs.


Icarus Aug is actually really fucking good in most of the game in multiple locations. When I learned it made no “in game” noise it completely changed enviroment teaversal in almost every location.


Finally getting to play this after wanting hours for the final verification download. I like that the game doesn’t throw you into a situation that forces you to kill people.


Just tried this game out. This game is pretty cool. I also like how there is a recap towards the beginning of the game


And the Steam reviews are in.


I’m been reading about a lot of optimization issues and pre-order DLC being one time use items that need to be refilled with micro transactions. I haven’t encounter any issues yet.