Deus Ex: New Vision High detail texture mod

so here is the link for the DL if there is anyone who isnt aware that this has recently been finished and uploaded. makes the game look a lot nicer than it did all those years ago.

and now, my problem (if anybody can help) i am experiencing difficulties in getting the kentie deus ex launcher .exe even working on my computer, ive literally spent a couple of hours trying to get it working but to no avail, which sucks because i really want to play this with the new textures etc as its one of my favourite games of all time.

every time i try and run the deusex.exe file supplied with the mod (obviously extracted to the correct location) i get this



reason i am posting this here is that for some reason the website that has the download will not allow me to create an account there, it just tells me apparently i have applied before and need to await a confirmation email, even though i have never been on the site before, so im pretty limited in where i can find advice etc.

anyway i hope there is some other Deus Ex fans that will appreciate what the makers of this mod have done, and if you havent played it yet, now is a good time before Human revolution hits!