Deus EX Ruina Combo Video (X-23/Dormammu/Dante)


Combo Video I made for my team. Hope you all enjoy.
(For those of you that saw “Soldiers of Misfortune”, think of this as a polished version of that Combo Video with better combos and modified ones of the others already present).

deus ex and human revolution are pretty good too

That was really cool! I especially liked the Dorm combos.

Great video, love the variety of moves in the Dante combos. Also the music is sick.

Cool combos. i especially liked how there wasn’t any DHC glitch bullshit

That was beautiful.

That Dorm combo with the spikes was awesome, but what I liked the most was the combo where you charged three destructors in the midst of the combo. THAT is some shit I want to see more of. Awesome job.

This was all pretty hot.That spike combo was especially attractive.

Hey, I really appreciate it. I plan on switching up this team a bit when Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 comes out; I might be replacing both Dante and X-23 (Keeping Dorm since he’s my favorite). I’ll be dropping another one then.

I like to do combos with no DHC since I don’t find it too fun; I don’t like X-Factor in combos, nor do I like air exchanging (too random). But yeah.