Deus Ex Thread (Ex3 will be insane)

I just saw the E3 trailer


And I am completely blown away, especially when compared to the teaser trailer they released some while back.
Estimated release date is Feb 2011, which isnt that bad. Music seems amazing, they got the cyberpunk feel down again perfectly. Nothing with gameplay yet, but I heard evil vile things that they might have regenerating health. One of Halo’s most putrid legacies that carried down to many FPS’. Let’s hope they keep that away. Not like there wasnt enough ways to get your health back up. (Food, water fountains, regeneration aug, medibot, medipacks, etc)

But alas I am hoping the BEST for this game. If its anything close to Ex1, that would be beyond amazing.
One worry I have is that Squenix makes it a shitty linear JRPG.

wtf regenerating health? well hope it doesnt suck like Invisible War.

I also wish for a JC Denton cameo.

25 years before Ex1.
So JC still has 2 years to be born or raised in a test tube, cloned in a vat, whatever origin you may believe.

I’m loving the art direction the new Deus Ex is taking. The environments shown in the trailer feel very reminiscent of the Ghost in the Shell series. Square Enix is only responsible for the pre-rendered cutscenes and publishing so no worries there.

I just hope that the game doesn’t come out too combat oriented because of the regenerating health.

I’m fine with regenerating health. It’s not a terribly important mechanic. And having a static health pool isn’t what made Deus Ex amazing in the first place, imo.

This game looks amazing. Where are the hype people at? I guess nobody ever played the original Deus Ex.

Having non-regenerating health made you determine if you should upgrade the medic class. Though there was the augmentation that allowed for regeneration. I’m super hyped. re-playing the game because of that awesome STEAM sale. I remember playing the demo from one of those PC gamer demo discs and just needing to buy the game. Linear in the story, but free-roam in the gameplay.

I love how i just cleaned up house at the warehouse section, went back to the gun guy at UNATCO and JC told him how he killed every terrorist. Dude got pissed because my job title is PeaceKeeper and gave my tranq darts instead of bullets. Small things like that just make a game go a long way.

SO HYPED! just hope it still has the I am in control of how to proceed through this area feel.

there was some leaked gameplay footage w/ no audio, the link i got it from got taken down though.

game looks like it will be a amazing game by today’s standards but i don’t think it can live up to the hype of the first one. i will try to look at it as a new unrelated game.