Dev blog Gouken changes AE 2012

-Denjin during start-up has 3 levels of projectile speed depending on the 360 motion u input during startup. Has up to double speed. Dmg level is now consistent regardless of meter u have. Last hit of all levels does 45 additional dmg (300 dmg on lvl 1, 540 on lvl 5)
-LP Palm hitbox extended forward
-MP Palm is now super LP Palm, HP Palm is now super MP Palm
-Kongo armour box slightly extended and does 200 stun
-cr.HP hitstun extended so>cr.HP xx EX Palm always connects on the EX Palm part

Kongo 200 is stun, not damage…

360 input on Denjin? Wow, that’s like 3rd Strike

Good catch, thanks. I was seeing things.

Ryu’s denjin in 3rd strike would charge faster if you 360 the joystick. Looks interesting so far.

hm, so we got some hit confirms?

didnt they also say something about tatsu?

just waiting now for the debuffs they didnt mention on damage and such.

Wtf, you must be trolling. These are actual things we asked for. Not all of them but still…

Everyone knows we don’t get stuff we want.

I’d like to know how far lp hit box got extended. If it can combo from the tip of then that’s a huge buff for gouken.

We don’t get stuff we want, we just get some of the stuff we were supposed to have to begin with.

I’m glad we don’t have to deal with akumas stupid demonflip palm bullshit anymore.

how does this 360 thing work in 3rd strike?

They listed the frames needed for whatever level you’re charging up for (Lv1・・・13F Lv2・・・17F Lv3・・・37F Lv4・・・57F Lv5・・・80F). The 360 motion will be used to make the actual fireball go faster i’m assuming.

So in practical use you might be able to charge up a lvl 2 after an ex palm midscreen maybe since the fireball will go twice as fast. Might also be used to punish someone throwing a fireball eg Ryu or Sagat ultra II.

the faster you rotate the stick the faster denjin charges up.

Keep in mind they didn’t lst all our changes from super to AE so we may still have a Few changes in store…

Like when they failed to mention we lost OH dive kick from vanilla to super haha

unless they changed denjin’s pause when it connects with other projectiles, i don’t think a speed increase will allow it to blow through fireballs.
a startup buff would have been pretty awesome.
hopefully that’s a damage buff they are mentioning.
if it turns out that you can fadc palms and kongos into denjin midscreen, that will be a use it has over shin sho.
if it can now deal 1k stun on combo, it will be a big buff.
this 930’ish max stun is pretty lame.

im very interested in this st. mp, cr. hp into palms stuff.

another good question(I know we don’t know yet): how far is the lp palm hitbox extended forward? does that mean cr. mp xx lp palm? maybe some other shit too.

also the kongo hitbox improvement makes me happy, maybe I’ll be able to use it better on jumpins, or people trying to safe jump.

they better rape the twins really hard.

Someone do the math on how much hit stun was added to c.hp

Yea, I’m really curious about this. Wondering if theirs anything possible now that wasn’t before. xx lp palm is mostly safe. -4 on block and pushes them away. i know sometimes after a cross up the would connect but lp palm wouldn’t reach so it would whiff. i don’t know if this is why they extended the hitbox on it but i don’t see what else it could be for.

it would be nice if that’s how it works in this game but the impression i got from reading the buffs is that the speed changes and not the charge time. hope i’m wrong.

Eventhubs just updated its translation to: “You can charge up this move faster by rotating the joystick in 360 degree motions now, just like Ryu could in SF3 Third Strike with his Denjin Fireball.”

They LIE!!11 Rotating between the ultra flash and start-up will increase his fireball speed (3 levels), not charge speed (5 levels). I know most ppl will believe eventhubs over an individual like me, but… don’t get mad when it’s not the case.