Devastating Links

Okay, so the title is a bit misleading, but remy has plenty of links. For those of you who haven’t seen The HY’s remy advanced video, remy has many links available for the rage flash super.

In order of difficulty starting from easiest, the close, standing roundhouse, the close, standing forward, the close, standing fierce, and the close, standing strong all are linkable into the rage flash super.

My favorite is the two-hit roundhouse. When your opponent misses an uppercut or super, this is the most damaging by a slight amount, and the easiest to execute. Of course, the timing on all of them requires getting used to. This is a way to add that extra bit of damage when simply going straight into the super would be slightly weaker.

The close, standing forward kick may be the most useful link. It has a fairly lenient window of timing, and will hit crouching and standing opponents alike. So if you feel like taking a chance and hoping they try to poke when getting up, hit em with this and if it connects, you have enough time to quickly execute the super motion and tag it on. This is also good to mix up in a dashing game where you normally do overheads or low strikes and where the opponent might try to throw you.

The fierce is fairly difficult to link, but it does damage comparable to the roundhouse link. Plus it looks really impressive, like sean’s close roundhouse link into hyper tornado. The timing is pretty strict, and missing the link by the one frame or whatever will cost you the super and leave you very vulnerable.

The chop-like standing strong is very fast, and almost doesn’t look like a link because of it. Likewise, the timing is very strict. I guess it’d be useful in the same situations as the forward kick.

It may not benefit you to do something fancy like this normally, but once you get the hang of it, you could take advantage of many opportunities to deal big damage on your opponent, or add a bit extra where you would normally execute the super by itself.

i’m not really a link person since i use the super for anti air purposes and meter for buffering. the best link that i know of is the standing mk into the super. if your reactions are fast enough you can activate the super while waiting for the mk to connect.

Yeah, that’s the most useful link.

And also, there’s a correction: The roundhouse is NOT the most-damaging link… I guess the fierce link has a bit of payoff for being a bit more difficult to perform.

Also, a random, useless link that is just fun to do is close, standing strong into the short. It actually registers as a combo! Also, the close, standing forward into the short links on crouching opponents. Liek I said, not much value, here… except for the fact that these links don’t reduce the damage of the short kick at all.

actually ive beeen using the standing forward -> crouching short
and standing strong -> crouching short to my advantage recently.

If your good at charge buffering this crouching short gives you that extra split second of time that i need to finish my charge and end in a flash kick. s. forward -> c. short -> flash kick can be usefull if you dont have meter for RRF.

Also you said that the standing short -> RRF was very fast. Personally, Its the easiest link for me to do… It FEELS like the slowest to me… but, havnt done much testing on it.

Also you forgot to mention, his link from his universal overhead.

you can link UO -> RRF pretty easily, or UO -> c. short -> flash kick/RRF. Of course this only works if your UO lands kind of late, but its still hella usefull.

Wow, didn’t know the standing forward/strong linked into crouching short, I only did standing short. I did forget to mention the universal overhead link. I think all characters have some super or special they can link after a late or deep UO.

I don’t remember mentioning a standing short into the super… I’ll have to try that, though.