Devastation 2006 Results

Devastation 2006
Hosted by The Temple Arcade
Phoenix, Arizona
Saturday, May 27th 2006
Web Site:

Here are the results - look for the website to be updated soon with the entire brackets and detailed results:

Guilty Gear XX Slash
1st Heidern98 (CA)
2nd YouCanWonder (AZ)
3rd shtkn (CA)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
**[COLOR=#ffffff]1st Danimitsu (AZ)
2nd tootall (AZ)
3rd SaBrE (AZ)

Tekken 5
[COLOR=#ffffff]1st Super Gaijin (AZ)
2nd Danimitsu (AZ)
3rd Fashion John (AZ)

[/COLOR]****[COLOR=#ffffff]Marvel vs Capcom 2
**[COLOR=#ffffff]1st Charlie Goblyn (AZ)
2nd Codiac (AZ)
3rd Swift Thief (AZ)

Capcom vs SNK 2
**[COLOR=#ffffff]1st Hail and Kill (CA)
2nd Sir Phobos (CA)
3rd Danimitsu (AZ)

Please feel free to lay down any feedback you have for next year. We are specifically looking for items like:
[]A new tourney date (as not to coincide with other events)
]Games to hold tourneys for (you can be sure that the Alpha collection will be in there in one form or another next year :tup:)
[]Comments on the set ups - would you change anything
]Registration time/tourney start time
]BBQ a good idea or bad
[*]Register online and or pay online[/LIST]Anything else you can come up with would be appreciated… the tourney is for the players after all :tup:



OTK is crazy…Alright since it already says (CA) next to his name, i posed as OTK for everyone’s information. I was bored. :rolleyes:

I already posted all my shout outs in the AZ thread.

Please feel free to lay down any feedback you have for next year. We are specifically looking for items like:
[*]A new tourney date (as not to coincide with other events)

A week before? But actually, this was a good time for me because we didnt have to worry too much about school and stuff cuz of the 3 day weekend

[*]Games to hold tourneys for (you can be sure that the Alpha collection will be in there in one form or another next year :tup:)

puzzle fighter. SF:AE.

[*]Comments on the set ups - would you change anything

Well im not a fan of american sticks so i wouldnt know but…The sticks were loose. CVS2 should’ve been played on the TV near the kitchen. That was a good tv to play on.

[*]Registration time/tourney start time

Registration should start later. Maybe 1 or 2 pm. Start time should be 3 pm for all games if possible.


Cost should be 12. Its not a big deal.

[*]BBQ a good idea or bad

It’s a good idea, the food was good. 3 bucks aint a bad deal either.

[*]Register online and or pay online

we’ll no one did this… But it should still be open anyways.

[/LIST]Anything else you can come up with would be appreciated… the tourney is for the players after all :tup:

Thanks much for hosting!

This is Kbalch the redheaded dizzy player from cali.

Ok so first wanted to thank jedirob for running this tourney and working to help us find housing last minute so we could all come. It was a bit of a drive but worth it. You had an amazing setup for the tourney. And I appreciate all you did to setup so many stations and make everything nice. You put a lot of work into the tournament and it showed. So thanks.

As for guilty gear I was happy to see cali represent so well even if i kinda scrubbed out. I loved my matches though as both were exciting. Mario’s (youcanwonder) Baiken had some nice loops and you were very good about not falling for some of dizzy’s shenanigans.

I also had fun playing slayer with your local eddie player. Wish I had picked him for that first fight so it could have been more competitive.

In casuals I got to play a bunch of people. Good shit to ABASI and his slayer throwing down some mirror matches, and I had fun playing the two guys from texas (chipp and anji) dont remember your names. It was really fun playing a bunch of new faces and seeing some good matches so thanks for having us all over. Good shit to all cali people holding it down. Jeff beasting and Kevin stepping up huge. Hope y’all can come to a gg tourney in cali sometime.

Lastly, about improving things for next year.

-Price was fine. In fact higher price was good as more pot for winners.
-New tourney date would be good to increase comp.
-Setups were good. maybe more chairs/stools. Game setups were great. No complaints on that.
-bbq was good definate plus
-dont care about registration online or not.


The brackets for GG were kinda messed up at one point during the tourney which was frustrating. People ended up fighting that should never have fought. Someone from the losers bracket fought someone in the winners bracket. The loser upset the fight with a win and then the fight was negated. The guy from the losers bracket fought hard in a tough matchup for nothing and the guy from winners shouldnt have had to deal with that fight. I dont know if the mistake was on paper or the person organizing the brackets, but yeah that kinda sucked. Otherwise a good tourney.

I gotta say, taht was an amazingly well set up tourney, robb, definately crazy w/ all the setups and stuff.

A new tourney date (as not to coincide with other events)

  • I think you just kinda got unlucky with this year. The Ohio tourney and ECC just happened to be on teh same weekend, so I guess just avoid stuff like that and it’ll be fine.

Games to hold tourneys for (you can be sure that the Alpha collection will be in there in one form or another next year )
-I got no suggestions for this one. I would like to see that black bag tourney happen though, haha.

Comments on the set ups - would you change anything
-Your setups were amazing, maybe some more chairs and stools, but cabinet/tv wise, that was the most professional looking i’ve ever seen. I guess if time permits, have the finals put on the projector upstairs and clear out hte back of that room for everyone to watch on the projector.

Registration time/tourney start time
-It’s typical that tourney’s start and go later than what is officially stated, I had no problems w/ the start time. Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to actually ahve all the tourneys start @ the start time instead of just 1 or 2.

-$12 was fine, in fact I’d have it be $22 to make it more fun/intense.

BBQ a good idea or bad
-Good, although I don’t think everyone got alot, it was a good deal for $3.

Register online and or pay online
-I pre-registered online, and I thought it was cool, though I dunno how many people actually used it.

-robb for throwing such an amazing tourney
-carlos for letting all 8 of use sleep at your place for 2 nights
-kbalch’s car for being so HAL-ish, haha
-Fosters for being the only place to eat in the desert
-everyone from socal that went (kbalch, wyze, viren, hail and kill, phobos, blitz, heidern) for being awesome to hang out with
-everyone from arizona for being there to chill and talk to about random crap
-mario for having a baiken that forced me to really think about what I was doing (and whoop my ass)
probably more but i can’t recall right now

Robb you did an awsome job man. Your kindness and work for the fighting game community is inspiration for many other gamers. Im sure the turnout would have been much more peeps if two other major tournies werent going on at the same time. Thanks for all your work bro.

My GG crew from Cali. You guys are all awsome and Im so happy to have friends here now. Imma see you this weekend so Ill give my personal shoutouts then hehe. Its an honor my friends. You are all skilled and fun to be with.

CharlieGoblyn is the fucking man. Can party like no other and hoooked it up with the housing to the point that he slept on the floor and we got his bed… WTF is that about? Sacraficing and yet still a profesional rapist in Marvel. Thanks my friend. I gotchu when you come over here if you need. Your buds at your place are mad cool as well. Everyone I met there I could get down with. Kitty needs to watch the drinking … shes a monster with the beer bong. I could have done a whole beer hehe.

Mario and AZ crew… you guys have what it takes… you just need a bit more time. Mario you are already there bro. I can see the affect you are having on your crew and its awsome. Keep focusing and use patience and you got this shit son… Take care my friend.

Everyone else I met… you were all great. Thanks for kindness and respect. Its good to know the community has such strong gamers everywhere. If anyone is in the LA area some time soon … hit me up :slight_smile:

God bless and go with honor my fellow samurai.

Im the Juggernaut BITCH… Hit you with your own pimp!!!

OH ROBB… Please put my name like this: Heidern98 FL/CA
And when are the pics and such gonna be up… with all those vids you have to do Im sure it isnt gonna be fun hehe. If you need help with anything let me know.

Thanks again bro.

It is gonna take me a wee bit o’ time… hell - I have not even finished stashing away all my equipment yet, those sticks do not hide very easily :bgrin:

**I will be working on getting the site updated with the brackets/results/images here over the next week…and I am **going to post up an ETA on the video/DVD stuff later after I get a chance to go through it all and see what we ended up with…



Unfortunately, there is some controversy over playing games on the projector… It is felt that there is a lag associated with it, as well as rear-projection TVs… That is why, this year, the three that I have were left for casuals only and tourney matches were held on CRTs…just to avoid such issues…




Awesome tournie, great peeps, bad ass setup! all in all fuckin kick ass!!

and yes I will hella hookup outta state homies whenever it is needed =]

Thanks fer the props also!!

Everyone: it was hella cool chillin with everyone, kickin it and meetin new folks =]

Jedirob & staff: Major thanks for throwing the tourney, organizing the brackets, and making sure we all got fed. Save for the little mishap during the GGXX/ brackets, I think all the other games ran really smoothly. A really awesome experience that I hope to attend again in the future!

Tourney feedback:
[]Because the tourney conflicted with the schedules of a couple other events, I think you lost a lot of potential players. Therefore, yes I do support your idea that the tourney date should be changed.
]Games would be up to the players I guess. I know zero generations just came out and even I was expecting an A3 tourney. Anyways, as for me, Id like to definitely see KOFXI, A3, and possibly Vampire Savior maybe.
[]Setups were great, plenty of stools + chairs were available. Plenty of setups too!
]I personally would like for the reg/tourney time to start later as I personally like to get an idea of who peeps are before the tourney, but starting things earlier means more time to chill and just hang without worrying about having your game face on all the time.
[]$12 for the tourney, $3 for food = $15 total not bad at all!
]BBQ was great, also sorry for almost not paying.
[*]Not too sure on this one, but on-day registration didnt take too long, was pretty short actually.

Btw, thanks for going out of your way to help out with housing arrangements, we out-of-towners thank you for it! :lovin:

Charlie Goblyn: I think Heidern pretty much summed it up! True you are a beast at marvel but you still remain one of the most hospitable and selfless people Ive met. Thanks for letting all of socal bum off your room, food, and drinks. Thanks a lot and Im sure you now have friends in Socal thatd do the same! Btw, congrats on 1st!

AZ Guys: To the guys I played and met, you are all beasts, seriously. Ill try not to be so much of a scrub next time alright! Hopefully Ill play more of you guys in the future! Btw, I was the really scrubby blue Johnny/occasional green Ino.

Kbalch: I owe you one for organizing this trip. Thanks to you I was able to go in the first place. Also thanks for taking the 5+hr. haul on by yourself even when you had work the next day, Im sure we all really appreciate it!

Blitz: Our matches are always fun! Post up when you decide to come down alright, so we can get a heads up down here. Also whenever you can bring my RF (adapter) alright, latez man!

Kevin: Congrats on 3rd, your Ky is always improving and its always a pleasure to watch your matches. Well played indeed!

HAK: Nice to finally meet you man! Youre a bit random at times but funny nonetheless. Tell OTK good shit on 1st, and thanks for having my back with those aspirins, my head was killing me (I blame it on not having the Kenshin pillow!)

Phobos: Congrats on 2nd on CVS2! Finally got to meet you after seeing you in so many past local tournies. We seriously need to play more! Lol, american syaron, youre Baiken is rush down and your Jam is dope too!

Heidern: Believe me when I say SD is only the tip of the iceburg. I think youll be satisfied with comp down here in socal, hopefully well play this weekend also. Oh yea, congrats on 1st, now with two Kys placing top 3 I can start bitching about Ky and his coconuts! :rofl: j/k gald to have met you!

I wasn’t aware of how random i was. I wont be that random next time. I try to make sense…sometimes. I ramble on just to make conversation you know =].

Really nice to meet you Ervin, no problem about the ADVIL. I hope to see you again soon man, take care and keep practicing!



I meant the good kind of random!

details … :rolleyes:

Get aim already. :lol:


I made a long ass post in my xanga about the trip. so if anyones interested here it goes:

We’ll this really cool guy picked me up named karl with a bunch of other socal GGSlash heads. Ervin(Viren), Erwin(wyze), Karl(OMG Antiairust/KBalch), and Kevin(Shtkn…shotokan wthout the vowels). They are allll really really awesome. Really fun to talk to and hang with. They’re all really good at Guilty Gear. And they also got me into GGSlash now, im going to get the game soon and learn Eddie(Edwin, im not using a top tier OMFG.hes mid tier now in Slash).

The ride was long but fun. We rode for 3 hours before finally stopping to a restaurant called Foster’s Freeze…The only random ass place in the DESERT. so random, but good shit to them for not letting us starve. I order a classic burger with cheese and fries. Karl got a burger without no meat!!! that was random cuz we brought up cows and he noticed there were no cows in his burger. Wierd.

Back on the road again, Nice. We pumped gas later on and i bought a 1 liter bottle of water for me and kevin. I gave everyone else a drink in the beginning but not kevin, so i felt bad and bought him a big one.

We finally got to Carlos’s house(Charlie Goblin on srk) and it was surely what i didnt expect. I expected the house to be quiet and stuff and I’d be able to sleep right when i got there. But when i went in, It was loud and people were smoking and games were loud. It wasn’t a problem at all, cuz its a free place, i cant complain. It was cool, i joined in on the action(not the smoking part) and decided to have fun as well. But i was already tired, so it was hard. I wound up sleeping aroun 2:30. Woke up at 7 am the next day.

5 hours of sleep sucked ass, i woke up and decided to walk outside to check on the guys. I walk out and i see Blitz passed out, Carlos + Phobos + Jeff talking about some random boshit i couldnt catch cuz i was so tired. Apprently these guys are fuckin robots and didn’t sleep at all the previous night?! Holy shit?? Later on, Jeff took a shower and got ready and carlos passed the fuck out and his jago ring tone kept ringing hahaha. That was funny.

We head out for robbs house next for the tournament at like 9:30. I expected Robbs place to be some kind of temple or some shit cuz he said he was hosting it at the temple arcade. apparently his house is the temple arcade. But whatever, we went…and left for some lunch/breakfast? We ate mcdonalds(which i haven’t ate in a long ass time) and this mcdonalds was suprisingly really fancy, it had a piano and nice dining seats. very cool

We went to the tourney afterwards and CVS2 didnt start till later. But I watched GG as I waited, it was fun and interesting. I met danimistu too. Otherwise i just chill for a couple hours. I signed up as OTK and ended up winning the tournament and gettin a nice 70 bucks. After the tourney I hung and talked with Phobos and Jeff. Jeff is suprisingly really cool. He just moved from Florida and we got to know him better and hang out with him. Really fun too.

We ate at an itallian grill afterwards at around 9. The food was soooo good. Man, it was great. The service there was so great as well. The guy that served us played diablo 2 and WOW with his wife. Such a great guy, he treated all of us with the greatest hospitality, that guy has got my respect. Im sure as well as the others.

We decided to stay another night because it was already about 10:30 by the time we were done eating. We would have gotten home at around 3 or 4. We got home and played some slash, it was fun. Kevin taught me a cool ky combo which i got down in about 5 minutes. This game is really cool, and i will get it soon.

Phobos woke up at ??? am. I guess they were saying that they’;re leaving now, i was hella tired so i only got a glimpse of phobos going away. I just passed out. I woke up and karl told me that they left and i was sad. But it was fine, ill see them again. We left at 9 am and we thanked carlos for everything hes done. He’s such a great guy for letting us bum at his house and letting me jack his bed!! Sorry carlos! lol!

The ride back was fun. I learned a lot of GG knowledge and i found out a lot of shit. When i got home, i was quite lonely and bored. I hope to hang out with so cal guys a lot more often. I’m considering closing down 3s casuals on thursday and turning them into GGSlash casuals for them since karls leaving for chicago soon. Just something i want to do for the GG guys since they showed me great grattitude. I hung out with joe later that day till 2 am -_- more no sleep.

Random Things I Thought:

  • I counted about 20 cops as we headed to and from arizona.
  • 1 of them got arrested
  • about 4 accidents
  • rest were speeding tickets
  • I rambled on about living on top of Arizona mountains and rocks
  • I wonder how Fried scorpions taste like…
  • How come its called Foster’s Freeze? Its not even cold in there. Is it the ice cream?
  • How can phobos stay up from Friday 7:30 am -> Sunday 2 am?..
  • Is carlos still asleep?
  • The guy at the gas station is really nice. He said God Bless a lot.
  • Karl needs to fix his liscence plate.
  • A Honda is so cheap…
  • So is Ky.
  • Wake up DP for the win: Kevin vs Erwin. When in doubt, scrub out. But it worked, so i guess props to kevin for being psychic. Really good match cuz i was freaking the fuck out during this match.
  • Phobos apparnetly has an amazing jam.
  • Robbs house was not 19 stories, but it was close.

Arizona is fun, i want to go again. The scene there is so nice. I love the view. But too hot at night, like 89%. Damn.

Random thoughts section is pretty fun. heh

This tourney was too much fun. GGs to everyone I played!

Robb: Once again, thanks for having us over!

HAK: Good shit on 1st in CVS2! I’ll prolly see you this weekend.

Viren: GGs in Slash over the weekend! Your Johnny is getting pretty nice. Even though our match didn’t really count, I definitely would’ve agreed to keep the results because you deserved the win. Don’t sell yourself short, you’re capable of anything if you put your heart into it!

Jeff: Good shit in Slash over the weekend, your Ky is awesome. Thanks for driving 34928374972394 miles, I had so much fun. You’re top tier in life! I’ll see you on Saturday.

Kevin: GGs in Slash, and good job on 3rd! Keep it up man, your Ky is getting crazy.

Karl: GGs man, and thanks for driving the SD folks out to the tourney!

Blitz: GGs over the weekend, see you at the next one!

GGs to all the Arizona peeps: SaBrE, Raff, Danimitsu, and ABASI. See you guys next time!

Im feeling bad about no shout outs to my homies from Cali so here I go with my ghey samurai arse.

I just gotta say HAK is the coolest fucking 15 yr old Ive ever met. Holds himself well and really is a great gamer. Talking with you gave me lots of respect for you. Your skills are truly admired. Im jealous how you can just learn so quick. If you keep acting the way you do you will be an inspiration to those around you. I hope my words and friendship hit you as deep as your words and friendship hit me. Cya soon and you def have what it takes to play Slash.

Phobos… you know I luv you :slight_smile: Your Jam is fucking great and with a bit more mixup should start placing hi as frock in tournies. I need some Alex T. Dude you listening me and being there for me was a true sign of a friend. Thanks so much for the gas money that I didnt have to even ask for. Thats alot more then some others but I wont go there. I wont forget bro.

Ervin and Erwin (hehe I love that) you guys are awsome as well. Chilling with you guys and all the nice comments really hit my heart and hope to see you soon my friends. Guys like you are why I love playing GGXX!!

Kevin: Your Ky is awsome my friend. Like I said more defense and less ride the lightnings. Your ideas not only mimic mine but are actually more advanced then my shit. With a bit more experience Im expecting Ill be dethroned. Sides that, I thought at first you didnt like me. Now we are practically blood brothas :wink:

And finally Mr. Kbalch… I cant believe you are leaving us Karl. We should go to MWC… Imma find out today. Dude you are really cool and someone the community can look up to. Thanks for making shit happen and being so understanding in all things. Your Dizzy improved greatly throughout this weekend… You even raped me arse in casual that tourney day. You will be missed…

SoCal is teh shizit!!!

Thanks and you are welcome guys…

So… for next year… are we looking March, April, or early May? I would like to avoid any other tourneys…




how many entries for cvs2? like 7?

12 :tdown:



there was like 3 good players in cvs2 that was it. bottom line, the only tourney that mattered was slash, comp wise. every other game only had 2-4 players that could play remotely well. while slash had mostly players that could play

Jeff…Good shit my brotha :smiley: