Devastation 2007 Tournament - Phoenix, AZ - MARCH 31, 2007

Devastation 2007 Tournament - Phoenix, AZ - March 31st, 2007

3rd Annual Tournament Event

Saturday, March 31st, 2007
Phoenix, AZ

Website for details and registration:

Guilty Gear XX Slash
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Tekken 5 DR*
Virtua Fighter 5*

Doors open/registration and casual play 9:00 AM
First tourney Guilty Gear Slash 10:00 AM

Same place as last year, including the much requested, albeit revised, BBQ and raffle :tup:

We moved the date up a few months to avoid the scheduling conflict of years before (ECC, etc.) So, no excuses this go around, get signed up and over here :bgrin:



im sorta considering going to this… but I dont know if it would be worth it, cheapest plain tickets are like 280 round trip… what do you expect for turnout, and does all of the 13 dollar entry fee go to the pot or only a fraction? and is there a pot bonus?

A trio of dollars goes in as an “entry fee” the rest stays in the pot.

**I am expecting a big turn out. **

We had a great run last year with all positive feedback. I think that the word of mouth will do us well in that regards and we moved away from competing events so we will not have that detracting from our attendance… I would be surprised if we were under 60 players this year.

Pot bonuses and prizes are undetermined at this point but will be announced shortly… (we are negotiating terms with our sponsors/sources)… the hope is to throw a couple hundred dollar kicker to a couple of the larger tourneys (Slash, Third Strike most likely).

**Also, if it helps to offset the costs we usually are able to get people housed, etc. **

It is good times regardless - we normally open up the Temple the day before and have casuals all Friday and again on Sunday, depending on who is in town, time, and so on.




Yeah - the bbq was huge last year - almost more attendees there than in tournaments :rofl:



elven: whats up bud. be dope if you and juicyG come down!

right now, im currently working on possible added bonuses into the pot of the largest games. also, there is a possibility that i might be able to acquire an accent core board for casual play. i will hopefully come through on these details shortly and get confirmation.

our tourneys are usually pretty good turnout for out of towners. my last tourney, even tho it was arcade, had atleast 80 people all around, which included the usual vegas crew, valle, watson, cole, some socal ggxx heads, some texas, CO and new mexico players as well. etc… so we’re hoping to have a big turnout again this year in slash and 3s. i think dark resurrection will have some numbers as well since we have a console port finally, and i pray vf5 as well heh. either way, its fun times, plus a bomb BBQ!

I have already had tons of feedback on the touney… two items that were raised are:

No Tekken DR - the masses (mostly Tekken community people) have asked that we stay with 5.0 even if DR is available?

Scrap Alpha Anthology for Super Turbo

I would welcome feedback on this - The Tekken 5.0 may be a non-issue as DR is not even released yet (domestically) and depending on if/when it may not be feasible anyways. Right now we ARE playing 5.0 unless DR is a viable possibility…



tekken 5.0 over DR? no way. the main community likes DR way more than 5.0 for many reasons. i dont even know who brought these up. it was a major complaint at evo as to not being able to have DR there. DR is just a better game, hands down.

edit: know theres a couple guys locally that rather have t5.0. only reason tho is through availablity to them at home or they cant let go of the fact that their favorite overpowered character got tweaked. and to be honest, i dont think they matter, and they need to stop being cheap and go play at the arcade, where its readily available and get with the program or be left behind. evo and all other majors are going to be moving to DR without hesitation, we will as well.

either way, shit will be fun, i cant wait for some vf5 madness =)

There’s a very important game missing from that list. MELTY BLOOD:ACT CADENZA (PS2). It’s true that, for the most part, the game’s following in the US is very small. The main group who play the game are people who pirated the PC version… and play on a keyboard… and play alone. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but seeing how Melty Blood(MB) is currently one of the big competitive fighters in Japan, it’s about time we give the game the respect it deserves.

So, since it’s such a niche game in the US, you should probably take a look at it.

So, we’ll start with a high level match. Really high level. [media=youtube]IMff_y8e4BU"[/media].

And a set of US tourney matches: NEC7 MB:AC - Sp00ky vs. Zar (Grand Final)

And a combo video based on the PC version of the game (still fun to watch): [media=youtube]B6mOtsbt11E"[/media]

As you can see from those videos, the game is advanced, fluid, and just downright amazing. Double/triple jumping, air dashing/double air dashing, free combo system, aerial and ground recovery, a parrying system (parry has its own button), and honestly, very balanced characters.

Any questions? Good. Let’s put it in the tournament, mmkay?

AZ!?!?! why not closer to vegas. like maybe in vegas.

damn that’s one hell of a road trip for me if i do plan on going. sounds like a lot of fun though. i’m always up for a good challenge.

It is not that bad of a trip - I drive up to Vegas to gamble - you can come here to game :tup:… carpool that shit down…

I am going to begin annoying the other Vegas guys soon (so you can start) since we missed out on you last year with that whole ECC thing we had. It was bummer after such a good Vegas turn out before…

**Anywhoo… **

**On to Melty Blood then… I have no idea about this one… I think what we will do is add it to the list of casual games played upstairs and if we have time and the people want it we can try and run one… I am game for anything that brings people and is hot but I dunno :confused: … **

**BUT **

**This is probably the last year at our current facility AND as a single-day tourney… Next year (based on the turn out, etc.) I plan to move to a larger venue and go TWO days, which affords us the luxury of running many more events… I just do not want to throw too many events and run into the fiasco of my year one eighty-billion-hour tourney :shake: **

**Come check it out and show me the love on this Melty Blood… **

…does anyone think this will be an EVO event by the by?



MBAC can be run as an exibition/casual/side tourney upstairs I’m sure. Just let a MeltyBlood-head run it. You have enough to worry about without adding it to the ‘official’ list of games.

I was there at the eighty-billion hour tourney. I think the sun might have started coming up by the time Marvel started :slight_smile:

cammy toes: car pool with the vegas players, they aways come down here for our tourneys.

as far as melty blood on evo, no, not strong enough interest. not much of a scene in the US. melty blood can be at devastation, but its like robb said, probably just a side game, maybe a side tourney if there is enough interest

The Melty Blood scene may not be very big, but in my opinion, that’s exactly why it should be present. How’s the scene really going to grow if the game doesn’t get proper exposure, right?

Since I brought it up, I have a TV + modded PS2 + controllers I’d be willing to donate for the tourney :smiley:

Oh, yeah. And where’s Soul Calibur 3?

**Sweet jesus you are going to get me killed… **
That is a big negatory on the SC3 as far as a tourney event - no one takes it seriously and I will get lynched trying to do a SC tourney again (so I have been told)…

Casual play :tup:
I have a couple of people that would LOVE to have some comp in that so they would be excited to have it turned on (I pretty much veto that shit on a normal basis and only rarely play it for “fun”).

On the set up - cool beans. Bring your stuff and we will find a spot to set it up. I know that others will be doing the same thing.



Since it wasn’t listed, I wasn’t going to press the issue… but yeah. I’ve been in AZ for almost six months now, and there’s no Soul Calibur scene here. It’s so sad. Even the state I moved from (Alabama) had a better Soul Calibur scene than here, and Alabama is not exactly well known for its fighting game fans. I’ll be sure to bring a copy of the game in case some others would like some serious competition.

Thanks for answering my questions!

i don’t know much people who play CVS2 here. that’s the only game i’d play if i do plan on driving up.

You’re in AZ? Conserning MB:AC, a few players here (myself included) started to play it last year for about a month or so and learned some shit on it. Heh we even had a spur of the moment 4 man round robin tourney for it one night and recorded it. But no one else seemed to pick it up and the way competition is so spread out in AZ we pretty much dropped the game and just focused on GG Slash. Of those 4 players, one moved away and one doesn’t seem to play fighters competitively anymore. So that’s the short lived history on MB in AZ. I’d throw down a few games casual at the tourney tho…

That’s sad D: I only came to AZ in the past six months. Wish I could have been around to play MB with you guys. I’m decent at Guilty Gear, but the straight air dashing in it pisses me off. I’m not going to prereg for the tourney, but I’ll definitely come for the casual play ('cause I’ll be bringing my own equipment :stuck_out_tongue: ) in GG and MB.

Edited/Added Super Turbo to the line up… we will find a way to make them all work :tup:

If you pre-registered and you need to make a change to your games just PM/Email me and it shall be corrected…