Devastation 2008 OFFICIAL results and SHOUTOUTS

results from robbs original post that i goofed on when trying to merge. my bad robb

Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat
1st Place shadowwetrust OH
1st Place Boggs SD
2nd Place sepulveda-jin AZ
2nd Place Akunin AZ
3rd Place Danimitsu AZ
3rd Place Guru MA

Capcom vs SNK 2
1st Place Amir CA
2nd Place Rochus AZ
3rd Place Trophy Club NV

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
1st Place Danimitsu AZ
2nd Place Kyoku AZ
3rd Place Treeko AZ

Guitar Hero III
1st Place Buddha AZ
2nd Place Carungi AZ
3rd Place Ishmael AZ

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st Place Codiac AZ
2nd Place GrandmasterB AZ
3rd Place Joe AZ

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1st Place Amir CA
2nd Place Thomas CA
3rd Place Watts CA

Super Smash Brothers: Melee
1st Place Forward AZ
2nd Place Wobbles AZ
3rd Place Light AZ

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
1st Place Watts CA
2nd Place MongoloRobocop883 CA
3rd Place Amir CA

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
1st Place Akunin AZ
2nd Place Mexican Champ CA
3rd Place Aznsoal TX

Virtua Fighter 5
1st Place DrDogg AZ
2nd Place Danimitsu AZ
3rd Place IceColdEdge TX

Shoutouts and thoughts:

ok. i just want to thank robb and cham and everyone else making this devastation the biggest tournament we have had yet in arizona. it even beat mine and andy’s previous best at CNC back in 06! it was a good tourney overall. and i had a lot of fun.

at first i was afraid that we might have gotten a place that was too large and too much would have been spent on the event. but i was totally wrong, that space was perfect size and the place filled up! plenty of casual action as well, which was always an issue in the past with devastation as well as out CNC tourneys.

i think this tourney gave us some good insight as to what can be done to make things even faster. atleast we now know that registration definitely takes more than an hour rofl! so im sure that adjustment can be made for next year. i think thats really all that could be done aside from getting more stations =)

i do think next year, shorter tables for the tv’s should be used. reason being, a lot of players, when they use their own stick, tend to just use the floor to play. and considering the tv’s were so high up, this wasnt an option. i actually wanted to play on the floor cuz my stick couldnt lay flat on the chair since the stick was too wide for it. i dunno if anyone really had a problem with the tables being too high to play on the floor. but i just go off of how evo goes and many many people choose to play on the floor. so it may be a non-issue.

i think the only other issue was the 3s bracket. at the start. all the names were just put into the 64 man bracket and all the empty spots for byes were left all at the bottom, if this was not caught when it was, that could have made the tournament extremely disasterous. byes would be making it all the way to semi finals. but luckily we caught it before hand and avoided it. but it was an unfortunate setback =(

i think that was the only true issue with the tournament, so i think thats really good. obviously the tourney ran later than scheduled, but we all know that is to be expected, so no worries.

other than the 3s late start and registration taking up more time than originally thought. it was pretty well organized, and the tourney ran really smooth. it didnt seem like it was a problem finding players for the most part, which was amazing since thats usually the biggest problem. i think that was due to the catering service. no one had to leave the tournament area for food. having catered food there was fucking awesome! it was funny how people bitched about prices at first, then later realized the nice convenience plus that the food was actually really good! i definitely recommend them next year!

and who’s bright idea was it to change ggxx to 3of5 rounds in the finals on sunday? i dont know how many games slipped by me til i got robb to change it, but honestly, whoever did it(if it was on purpose), really cheated out everyone else at the tournament that only got 2of3 rounds, and actually skewed some results of matches in the process. unless robb got all the matches replayed, but i dont think he did, so im not sure.

phx crews. thanks for coming and you know who you are. especially those that helped robb out all weekend. good shit! and good shit to tootall putting ip a really good fight in the 3s tourney. i still think you are a beast and can hang with anyone in the game! And dan-the Man-imitsu, always a scary player, no matter how rusty! marvel guys. you guys are still sick at your craft. billy with his 2001 team = too good

massive shout out to all the out of towners that made this tourney a success! without you guys, we would be nothing.

el paso crew: good to see you guys again this year in full effect!

i wasnt sure if texas was there, since i didnt meet anyone there from texas. but if you were there, good shit and thanks!

my socal homies! watson, Dash, Don, the Leong bros!, amir, shogo, thomas, renic, devil X and everyone else. thanks a lot for coming! and thanks to Don for bringing Jad to TGIFriday’s just to annoy everyone, especially danny. that was fucking priceless!

My tucson boys! I am definitely impressed this year by the level of quality coming from down south that i havent seen in years! i honestly wasnt expecting as much as i actually witnessed from you guys this weekend. made me feel like a total scrub again in 3s! i have to give a super special shoutout to my main homie rochus tho. i think he played extremely well in cvs2 (2nd place) and i think his battle with trophy club was a really fun match. and put up a good fight with amir in the finals.

RobertH, man your double air JD into air throw with ken vs amir’s bison psycho crusher was too fucking dope! awesome job on cvs2 man, too bad you guys never play. who knows i may just end up playing again. you and roch got me wanting to try picking it back up.

Abe, you and your 3s crew, 38457638456783485 times better than last year! hella leveling up. and i can tell you guys really love 3s, which i think is awesome, and makes you learn better and improve. i was really impressed!

sean, you are a real beast in smash man! i was kinda bummed that smash didnt get the big screen treatment that i thought it deserved for finals. but i watched a lot of your matches. you are definitely nasty! cant wait to get games in on brawl man!

VEGAS: you guys always support us. but i was sad when Wes, ruin, and peter, didnt make it. but you guys stil lfucking repped vegas hard in their absence! always dope fo you guys, always our #1 supporter!

and big props to the person that brought the naomi cabs and egret cab! I’m sorry, but i never caught the name of the owner of the cabs. But a HUGE shoutout to him! i thought that was awesome!

i had a blast and i definitely know next year will be even better. oh yeah and a big middle finger to ricky and shoryuking for winning the damn hrap’s in the raffle! you bastards!!!

and shame on anyone, especially local, that failed to show up to the tourney…cough…japan3gro…cough. =)

everyone at the tourney was pretty nice. 3s brackets were fixed so that was the only issue really. having on site food, restrooms on site, and many set-ups helped make everything run smooth. good job jedirobb and crew. thanks to sabre and all the others who helped run everything. said3s, uh… i forgot the rest, and im sorry. damn vicodin for my tooth made me forget alot of this weekend aside from my headaches from a much needed root canal :frowning: anyways, no excuses, gg’s to all and once again, nice job jedirobb. hope your tourney grows and continues to have much success. congrats to all winners, fun times. hope everyone got home safe, pz


Quick update for results: I placed 2nd for GGAC, I wish I could remember the name of the guy who placed 3rd… But i’ve got nothing.

I’m also not sure what was up with those 3out of 5 rounds for semis on GG? Extended the matches much more than needed, but oh well. Shoutout to all who entered GG. Chris, we’ll need to play again sometime, you and your whole crew. And Dan, some of the best matches i’ve ever had, very close too. We’ll definatly have to do that again sometime. Met a lot of really cool people and I had a lot of fun. Already looking forward to next year.

kyoku: lol doh, i forgot it was you, haha. man my brain was totally fried. i feel dumb now haha!!! eddie vs axl, duh. that was a dope match btw. good shit, you repped well, and helped tucson more than ever with a strong presence that was definitely not expected. congrats!

Did third place in GG have facial hair? If so, that was Treeko. If not, that was Imperfect.

Thanks for the pre-tournament casuals, kyoku. Your Axl is very nice, I’m glad I got the chance to put so many games in with you. Sorry that it seems the Bookman’s thing is on indefinite hold! I hope to attend the next serious tournament you guys have over there.

EDIT: Treeko plays Robo Ky.

Imperfect plays Eddie, Slayer and Ky. More or less in that order.

RatOrcs: Sorry I don’t think we properly introduced, I know I’d remember if I saw you, but I don’t think I ever got your handle name.

Yeah, it was Treeko that placed 3rd. I had only remembered that he was robo-ky player and what he looked like. And I’m always trying to get people together to play up here in Tucson, even some casuals, I’m down for whatever. If anybody is in the area let us know, we’ll set something up.

Man, i had SO MUCH FUN! A huge thank you to Robb for puttin this shit together. Good work, My Friend.

Congratulations to all the winners!

And a big shout out to Amir, Watson, Shogo, Ty, Don, and Danny!! It was great meeting all you guys! Thank you for sittin down and talkin and thank you for all the help. We definitely gotta keep in touch!

And i definitely can’t forget about the phx guys. Sabre i was happy that we got some casuals in. It was fun as hell having you at the hotel for a while. We gotta set up that online asap! Danimitsu don’t worry about ST… you’ll get em next year, Mang. Good shit in the GG finals, those were some dope ass matches… and i don’t even like that game. LOL!

gg’s to all even though i only played tourney. had alot of fun watching all the matches. tootall=toopro

ps: scott is just mad b/c i won the stick AND knocked him out of gg:ac. gg scrub <3

ouch, that hurts! =*(

First and most importantly, I want to thank Jedirobb and his group for a great tournament and event this year. Everything was done top notch, from on site catering to multiple setups and a fairly large casual area. Even the small stuff like custom name tags/lanyards and raffles went pretty smoothly. I didn’t actually get a chance to play more than a few casual games of MvC2 but watching the finals and most of the buildup to them was top notch. In particular, the CvS2 finals were pretty good, Rochus Vs. Trophy Club went down to the wire.

While I didn’t really get a chance to do formal introductions with people, it was nice to put a face to the names finally. For those who didn’t know, I was the one doing the last part of the ST and Marvel brackets as well as the finals on Sunday. Big guy, black glasses.

Many thanks to all of the out of state players that made it out this year. Watching the California people play 3rd Strike and ST was pretty eye opening in terms of their skill level.

Big thanks to the guy who let us bring his Candy Cabinet and the two Naomi setups out to the tournament. I didn’t catch your name but I was extra careful moving those things into the hall on Friday!

Sabre, I think you were sitting in front of me during finals, next to Rochus and TooTall. Was that a MAS Stick? Man, what happened to those parts I sold you?! I thought you were going Seimitsu from here on out!

I’ve never seen Smash before but I had actually run into Forward once at Golfland in Mesa. Seeing someone regarded so highly play Smash was pretty cool, even though I still have no knowledge of the game, it looked like there were some good matches going on there.

Makaveli - Corey (Korey?) many thanks for tracking people down for ST and Marvel and making the announcements to get people ready for going up to play. Bruce Brown catering for life! Have you tried the $5 burger special?

Cham/Brian - Thank you for the help with getting everything set up and flowing and also for the drinks on Saturday night/Sunday morning, it was hard to leave the brackets with matches running so big thanks!

To everyone that was there on Friday and indulged in the giant shopping bag full of Sonic. :tup:

I think that’s all I remember for now but thank you everyone for coming out and Robb once again for holding this event, it was a blast and I can’t wait to help out again next year!

nah man. seimitsu parts were put to good use but that was on my xb360 stick. so it wouldnt have had much use at the tourney =(

ok now i know who you are. shoulda introduced man. last time we were both at robb’s and i didnt even know it! holla next time bud!

nice tournament good turnout…

i had mad fun…

shoutouts to everyone who went…

good job to all the placers and to tucson for representing…scott thanks for the shoutouts mang, you still beast me on ST tehehe…

im outi



I will post shout outs when I have more time, but for now I will just say thanks to robb for throwing this thing, I had a lot of fun and it was well ran. GG

Thank You and Thank You

I will pop this up in the other two related threads as well…

First, thanks to all the players that attended this year. You are the reason why we hold the tourney in the first place; without you we have nothing.

Props to the staff that made it happen:
Abe and Abe, Aric, Brian, Casi, Cory, Danny, Darrin, Horacio, Jaxx, Jen, Luis, Michael, Victor… (and Chris - owner of the Candy Cabinets since peeps were asking…)

A special thanks to all the players that made the trip in to AZ just to hang out and play - Cali, Texas, Colorado, Tucson (they count!) and the rest. We appreciate the crap you have to go through to be a part of our event…

Thank you to all the other supporters and sponsors - everyone from the guys who brought casual set-ups to the organizations that donated items and their time:
Arizona Derby Dames
Midnight Movie Mamcita
Play n’ Trade Tucson - Foothills Mall
Bruce Brown Catering
KDC Enterprises

We will get all the info and content (yes - like the video) posted to the site and send out emails to follow up with everyone.

A group of the staff and I just came from a meeting where we discussed pros and cons, successes and opportunities and want your feedback. We already have some rolling in and want to encourage each of you to share your input - this tourney is for you after all and we want to continue to improve.

Feel free to hit me up with a PM or email or call or however else you deem fit.

Thanks again everyone.

P.S. for those who have asked here are the quick stats:
140 different players
250 game registrations/competitors
$2500.00 in cash prizes
over $500.00 in prizes raffled off and/or given away
over 200 people visited the event


doh robb, i goofed on the thread merging and accidentally deleted your thread. i copy and pasted your results into my post. sorry about that sir =(

Bruce Brown!!! that shit was hilarious.

A big big thanks to robb, for making this happen. ALOT of time and effort and money went into making this happen, and I want you to know that it doesnt go unappreciated.

Another big up went to AZ, for showing people that there is a reason to come out to this hot ass desert every year. I really think the people in AZ repped hard by not only showing up, but by doing better than I think most anticipated. I hope we can get these types of numbers to come out more often to local arcades (who am I kidding CnC) but to gatherings.

Thanks to all the guys from out of state who showed up and helped support the tourney.

Ghetto D - next time you come out, hit me up in advance, ill have some fungus waiting for you.

And a big up to rochus, for some of the best cvs2 matches ive seen in a while, dont put that morrigan away again.

Thanks robb, the staff, and all of the people who showed up for making the event a success.

I appreciate the shouts out about the cabs… it raised my blood pressure a bit getting them in/out of the truck but it made it all worth it for me to know that people enjoyed them so much. :slight_smile:

I’m always open to peeps stopping by my place and banging out a few rounds on the machines or just on console… just shoot me a PM or email :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the winners and lets hope for a devo2k9!

Oh and Kyoku, next time you’re in phx you better give me a call so me and the crew can practice against your totally nutso axl game… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I didn’t know that was you at Robb’s until after I left. For sure, next time I’ll say hello and ask you why you lost your Seimitsu love!

All day.

You and me both. Moving those things had me nervous, I kept thinking we were going to bust one of the wheels but thankfully we didn’t! I was surprised at how durable those wheels are.

i wish my final was 3 outta 5 hella.

ps. don is hella funny. watts loved every minute of it.

GG’s to watts in the finals nice ryu man always a bitch to beat the real old school power of ryu lol anyways GG’s and everyone i met in AZ Said3s nice meeting you man real coo guy hope too meet up again in the future for some ST action.

Oh yea and all the staff thanks for everything, next time get small t-shirts :O!! :stuck_out_tongue: and of course the catering awsome food really cheap too.